Online Motor Learning Course with Matthew Cooke

Want to improve your golfing or golf coaching skills?

Are you a golfer, golf coach, instructor or just someone very interested in learning and the science behind it? Do you just like golf? Regardless of your skill level, this course is for you.

Learn The Science Behind Attaining High Performance Movement Skills in our Online Course. Understanding how movement occurs and the relationship between the body & brain are two pre-requisites for teaching the game of golf. Did we just lose you? Don't worry, we'll explain!

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More about the GLT online Motor Learning Course

There's no magic pill to help you become a better golfer.

You can't just click your heels and suddenly be a better golf teacher.

However, by learning a bit about the science of how we learn and how our bodies develop, retain and transfer skills, you can develop a better understanding of what is required to create the changes you desire in your golf game.

Thank you for your interest in GLT Golf’s Motor Learning online course. Throughout the course, GLT's Matthew Cooke will provide information about Motor Learning, and how to use Motor Learning to create better practice procedures & techniques.

This online Motor Learning certification course has been carefully crafted by GLT Founder Matthew Cooke and the GLT content & media team.

Over the last 10 years, Matthew Cooke has spent countless hours studying in the fields of Motor Learning, Cognitive Psychology and Psychology. Matthew has learned from some of the best minds in academics, including Dr. K Anders Ericsson and Dr. Tim Lee.

With the information gathered through these strong relationships, Matthew has been able to transform scientific concepts and theories into proven results.  

So, what will you learn in the GLT Online Motor Learning Course with Matthew Cooke, specifically? Glad you asked, find the answers below!

Making Practice Mentally Effortful by Dr. Timothy D Lee


How to change a golf swing

Think it's all about mechanical adjustments? Save those for Daytona, Indy and Monaco. 

How to Practice effectively

If you want to be the Babe Ruth of the driving range, keep on grooving that same old shot time and time again. If you want a game that shows up on Sundays, we can help.

How to Acquire, Retain & Transfer Skills

Ready to get off the range and onto the leaderboard? We'll start you on on the right track, the rest is up to you.

At GLT Golf, we believe an understanding of Motor Learning is imperative for developing and implementing effective, long-term training.

Hitting a ball a million times - in the same exact manner, in the same exact environment, under the same exact stresses - is a great way to help groove a swing; however, if you seek actual training that will stick with you and truly help take your results from the range to the course, developing a Game Like Training system using scientifically proven principles of Motor Learning will lead to a much higher rate of performance growth and retention.

Finally, we'll show you a few games to help you turn the material you'll learn into practical skills to take your golf game to the next level!