Golf Teaching Certification

Teaching With Technology W/ Arick Zeigel

Technology in todays world is much more advanced. Learn how to use it in a training environment through this certification program

K-Coach, Trackman, BodiTrak, Blast, and many other Training tools are in use everyday when it comes to golfers practicing.  

GLT Online Golf Teaching Certification & Certification Programs

Are golf teaching certifications worth it to begin with? At GLT Golf, we are proud to offer golf teaching certification through our online golf coaching courses. Through these online golf teaching certifications, patrons can expect to receive instruction in the fields of motor learning from GLT Golf’s Matthew Cooke, Pre-shot routine, or the psychology of golf with GLT Golf’s Iain Highfield. There are so many golf teaching certification courses available these days it is hard to find a good one, for help with that process read our Selecting the right Golf Teaching certifications article which hopefully shows you some critical things to look out for. 

The OSVEA Mental Performance golf teacher certification goes deeper than just exploring an individual’s pre-and post-shot routine, it looks at the whole person and provides tools that can help with motivation, self-awareness and resilience. This online golf course also tackles how players can develop a process focus and practice more effectively.

The online Motor Learning Golf Teaching Certification Course with GLT Golf’s Matthew Cooke provides information regarding Motor Learning and its implementation in creating better practice procedures and techniques. If you are a competitive professional, a professional golf coach, instructor, or just someone very interested in learning and the science behind it, this golf certification program is for you.

If you’re interested in a golf teaching certification that helps golf coaches and players learn to develop a pre & post shot routine that holds up under tournament pressure, the OSVEA Pre-Shot Routine online golf course provides insight to the psychological model of what the best players in the world do every time they hit a golf shot. The OSVEA Pre-Shot Routine online golf course is designed for golf coaches and players. It teaches all participants what mental processes the best players in the world follow when hitting a golf shot, and how these can be practically applied in training and retained during competitive golf.

GLT Golf teaching certification online courses are currently conducted through Kajabi. Game Like Training Golf’s certification programs are designed to take individuals through a learning experience unlike any other. We believe in working with people gradually while developing an understanding of critical elements of the learning sciences. Through this approach to golf teaching certification, individuals not acquire more knowledge, they learn to comprehend and apply the new knowledge in Game Like Training and situations. If our current selection of courses just isn't what you are looking for then check out GLT's Top 5 Golf Certification Programs