GLT Golf Coach Training Workshops & Seminars

Team GLT presents key principles on Mental Performance, Sport Psychology, and Motor Learning.

The goal of our golf coach workshops and seminars is to provide golf coaches a base line understanding of sports psychology and/or motor learning and effective practice in a digestible and practical format. Each attendee will receive instruction crafted to help make better use of the golf range, mentally prepare golfers to play competitive golf, train deliberately, etc., all designed to help golfers enjoy playing golf more while eventually reaching a higher level of performance. 
So what’s all that mean? Glad you asked, prospective Game Like Training golf coach workshops and seminars attendees.

At Game Like Training Golf, we know workshops and seminars have traditionally gotten a bad reputation. And understandably so… between having to maintain a strict schedule, answer questions, demonstrate knowledge, etc., you can easily end up feeling like you’re one recess short of being back in junior high. But at GLT, no one has every accused us of doing things traditionally, why should our golf coach workshops and seminars be an exception?

Sure, we’re still going to make you show up, sign in, listen to us talk a while, and watch a couple of power point presentations, after all, as they say here in Georgia, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” For example, during our sports psychology golf coach workshops and seminars, you’ll see diagrams, videos, and other information regarding how top players handle and overcome adversity. However, what makes our golf coach workshops and seminars unique is what we do after making you have those junior high flashbacks. Our GLT Golf Workshops are more than just a powerpoint

After GLT’s golf coach workshops and seminars, there’s no need to sharpen your No. 2 pencils for an exam; in fact, rather than quiz you, at GLT Golf, we take you out of the classroom and give you the practical skills on the range to help you be the best coach possible. We teach you how to arrange tasks and organize the range to create an optimally challenging environment for learning golf. So yes, in a way, you even get recess with GLT’s golf coach workshops and seminars. But don’t worry, we’ll leave the zits and cafeteria food out of the equation (although, we reserve the right to assign detention as we see fit.) We recently hosted a workshop at our home base golf club Governors Towne Club. Think differently and train differently is what we're going with, for a better insight see a day at a GLT workshop here.