GLT Golf Certification Level One Seminar

Our goal with this golf certificatoion is to provide golf coaches a base line understanding of sports psychology and effective practice in a digestible and practical format. Each attendee will receive instruction crafted to help make better use of the golf range & mentally prepare golfers to play competitive golf, all designed to help golfers enjoy playing golf more while eventually reaching a higher level of performance


  • Governors Towne Club
  • Acworth, GA 30101
  • April 8th 2019


The GLT Level One Certification has two elements to it; the first is the traditional sit down with a coffee or beverage of your choice, watch our presenters whilst following the beautifully crafted educational GLT Level One Binder. The second element is practical & we head out to the golf driving range giving explanations, demonstrations & offer everybody the opportunity to get involved with some of our concepts. Not to worry if you dont want to though, you can always stand by the side, watch & take notes. The choice is yours.


The benefits to the GLT Level One Certification are everything you would expect; PGA credits, MSR points, CPD points & more. In order to be awarded a GLT Level One Certificate & have the ability to use the GLT Certification in your own business, you will need to complete a test. This test is emailed to you within 24-hours of the certification seminar and you are expected to complete with an 80% success. Individuals who fail to complete with an 80% are given one more chance to pass. Any further fails will result in individuals having to pay a $49 re-test fee.

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Expert Golfer Book

This book is for Golf Coaches, Sports educators, coaches, and readers interested in improving their own golf skills. It is thought provoking, useful, and inspiring.

OSVEA Golf Book

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