Listen or Watch Team GLT Talk Golf Practice, Golf Learning, Golf Psychology & All Things Golf In This Golf Podcast

Game Like Training Golf Radio Podcast show is dedicated to golf learning, golf practice, golf psychology, and all things in the golf industry. On this show, we share our thoughts and the beliefs we have formed during our decades in the industry. We also bring in world renowned pioneers of expert performance - as well as other domain related experts - in order to provide a platform for other passionate individuals to be heard. It is our passion to share as much quality information with golf coaches and golfers, along with some practical know how to make a golf teacher's practices more effective, and a golfer's practice more efficient. Tune in to the show and you'll learn things like how to develop a junior golfer, how to develop skilled golfers, how to use training aids to optimize performance and more. 

Golf Practice - How to transfer your golf range swing to the golf course.

In this podcast Iain and Arick discuss golf practice and the retention and transfer of golfing skills. The GLT golf practice philosophy states that if you want to learn a new skill that can lead to higher performance on the golf course you must create cognitive stress as this induces learning. Adding the spacing effect, the variability effect and the correct level of challenge to your golf range practice creates cognitive stress and helps a golfer retain what they are learning. Adding context in the form of an on course golf practice, game or challenge adds context and is vital in helping a golfer adapt their learnings to the golf course environment and transfer the learned skills effectively. The higher the context and the challenge the higher the cognitive stress. Tune into this podcast to hear how to use all this in an optimal way for your students.

Effective coaching and feedback W/ Spencer Dennis founder of CoachNow

On this podcast Iain Highfield and Matthew Cooke talk to Spencer Dennis, founder of CoachNow, an all-in-one digital coaching platform designed to manage, motivate, and train athletes. Iain, Matthew and Spencer discuss how to use the application in line with the science of learning and effective coaching.

How to practice golf so that swing changes stick

On this podcast Iain and Arick discuss effective practice in the simplest possible way. The boys use stories and analogies to break down the science of learning and provide solutions to help golfers practice effectively and make swing changes stick.

Putting Solutions W/ Visio Golf's Lee Sullivan | GLT Golf Podcast

On this podcast Matthew Cooke & Arick Zeigel talk to Lee Sullivan from Putting Solutions at Tour X Golf & Visio Putting Training Aids. Lee gives us an insight to Phil Kenyons 7 putting elements & shares his 3 priority skills for putting. Oh, Lee also busts the age old 'straight back straight through' myth.

Golf Club Fitting & Context | GLT Golf Podcast

Welcome to Season 2 of the GLT Golf Podcast. In this episode Matthew Cooke & Arick Zeigel talk about club fitting and context. Matthew rants at the changes some golf coaches insist on making due to an aesthetically unpleasing look, & Arick identifies specific aspects of club fitting that need to be addressed and considered if anyone is going to make improvements in the way that they fit golfers for their clubs.

Golf Practice | How to Practice Golf w/ Zach Parker of GravityFit And a D1 College Golfer | GLT Golf Podcast

Welcome to Season 2 of the GLT Golf Podcast. Golf practice, and how to practice golf, have been a hot topic recently.

In this episode Team GLT discuss with Zach Parker of GravityFit, how they worked with a D1 college golfer from the University of South Carolina to help him develop his mental game for golf, his golf swing, his golf fitness, and his ability to perform on the golf course. Iain Highfield, Arick Zeigel and Zach Parker discuss how they set up a golf practice environment that allowed this D1 college golfer to add spacing, variability and challenge to his golf practice. As well as discussing the Gravity Fit training aid and how this helped the player, the team look at other coaching strategies that if modeled, could help other college golfers improve their golf performance.

The British Masters | How Did Luke Donald, Justin Rose, Tommy Fleetwood & Molinari Get So Good At Golf? | GLT Golf Podcast

Welcome to Season 2 of the GLT Golf Podcast.

Luke Donald, Justin Rose, Tommy Fleetwood and Molinari share golf gold dust on how they practice golf. Variability & challenge point are concepts that are a big part of what these guys talk about. Don't just take our word for it - in this golf podcast we'll show you some real footage of these guys preaching ame like training golf. As a side note, we review some great social media posts & some shockers that should be avoided at all costs! IMPORTANT NOTICE: TO UPHOLD A LEVEL OF PROFESSIONALISM WE DO PROTECT THE IDENTITY OF THOSE WE DISAGREE WITH & MENTION NO NAMES.

How Do European Tour Golfers Practice - Alfred Dunhill Links | GLT Golf Podcast

Welcome to Season 2 of the GLT Golf Podcast. 

Golf Practice - In this golf podcast GLT review their time coaching some of the worlds best players at the 2018 Alfred Dunhill Links Championship. See how specific the best players in the world are when practicing at a European Tour event. If you are a club golfer looking to improve the way you practice, there are a few knowledge bombs in this podcast that can help you improve your game.

How To Practice Golf & What is Skill Acquisition w/ Edward Coughlan | GLT Golf Podcast

Welcome to Season 2 of the GLT Golf Podcast. In this episode Matthew Cooke & GLT Denmark Partner Marc Molin talk with the expert in Skill Acquisition and Sports Practice, Dr. Edward Coughlan.

We dive deep into what coaching and teaching golf practice looks like, some myths within practice & some coaching principles that Marc uses when working with PGA & European Tour Golfers. Check it out!

The Ryder Cup 2018 | The Home Field Advantage & Some Interesting Stats | GLT Golf Podcast

Welcome to Season 2 of the GLT Golf Podcast. In this episode, Matthew Cooke & Arick Zeigel talk Ryder Cup 2018, the home field advantage, and some killer stats from Team USA golfers and Team European golfers. Often overlooked and simply unaware of is the home field advantage so tune in and learn more.

Tiger Woods Wins Tour Championship & Bryson DeChambeaus Approach To Golf Practice Rounds | GLT Golf Podcast

Welcome to Season 2 of the GLT Golf Podcast. In this Podcast Matthew Cooke and Arick Zeigel talk about the amazing come back of Tiger Woods, and some of the very deliberate aspects of Bryson DeChambeau's practice round.

The guys talk about some motor learning concepts based on observations of players golf coaches, and the energy that a lot of amateurs waste in their practice rounds. Tiger Woods, Rory Mcllroy, and Justin Rose's golf swings are also a subject discussed but in a very different way, and from a very different perspective than most. Its an awesome 24 minutes! Take a listen, a watch, or you can read more into it.

Getting Your Kid Into College Golf w/ Brendan Ryan | GLT Golf Podcast

Welcome to Season 2 of the GLT Golf Podcast. In this episode we are joined by the one and only Brendan Ryan, owner of Golf Placement Services.

Brendan shares with us his incredible insights into how to persue playing college golf. Author of the College Golf Almanac, this is an episode you don't want to miss, whether you're a parent or a junior golfer, you need to hear his advice!

Conversation with Father of Robin Tiger Williams, Junior Ryder Cup Team Member | GLT Golf Podcast

Welcome to Season 2 of the GLT Golf Podcast. In this episode we are joined by Morne Williams, father of the highly decorated junior golfer, and recent Junior Ryder Cup Team member Tiger Robin Williams.

Morne shares with us insights into how Robin went from a junior golf to an AJGA Champion, to climbing up the World Amature Golf Rankings (WAGR), and now approaching college golf at Florida State University.

The Inspiring Story of Dustin Barr | GLT Golf Podcast

Welcome to Season 2 of the GLT Golf Podcast. This podcast is a bit different than the rest. Iain Highfield & Cordie Walker were given the opportunity to have an extended discussion with Dustin Barr.

Dustin's story is one of overcoming adversity to an extreme degree. He has been battling cancer for a number of years now and has undergone multiple treatments and surgeries. It is our privilege to share his story. We would like to give video credit to Ollie Panda Films for the video footage of Dustin playing and would also like to thank the Facebook group 'Raising the Barr' for providing all the pictures.

The Myth of Muscle Memory w/ Dr. Tim Lee

Welcome to Season 2 of the GLT Golf Podcast. We are super excited about our guest on this episode, Dr. Timothy D. Lee, a pioneer in the Motor Learning world.

He sheds some light on some common myth's around motor learning and 'Muscle Membory' and engages with us in some incredible conversation. Hope you enjoy!

Check out blog one of the Motor Learning series writen by Dr. Tim Lee | Introduction to Motor Learning - Part 1

What is GravityFit? With Special Guest Nick Randall

Welcome to Season 2 of the GLT Golf Podcast. Today's episode we have special guest Nick Randall of GravityFit joining us.

Give this episode a listen to hear more about a training aid with 30 years of scientific research backing it. Evidence based products are the kinds of products that we can get behind here at GLT. If you're interested in learning more about the product or seeing more in-depth videos about how to use the product, we have some useful links attached.

Interested in reading more about GravityFit? Click here - What is GravityFit Golf Training Aid?

Golf Performance Coaching w/ Stuart Morgan

Welcome to Season 2 of the GLT Golf Podcast. In this episode, special guest Stuart Morgan joins us to talk about how to self regulate and how to be your own best coach.

Stuart also takes us through his Develop, Train, Perform model and gives us some amazing insight from his extensive golf coaching career. Make sure to check out the links that compliment some of the talking points from this episode.

The Keys to Developing a Junior Golfer w/ Chad Philips

Welcome to Season 2 of the GLT Golf Podcast. In this episode, we have special guest Chad Phillips - DOI at the Pinetree Golf Club.

Chad shares insight to his coaching practices and gives some pretty interesting behind the scene stories of experiences he's had over the years.

Dealing with Adversity w/ Chris Hanson (European Tour Professional)

Welcome to Season 2 of the GLT Golf Podcast. In this episode, we are joined by European Tour Professional Chris Hanson.

Chris shares with us, first hand, how he dealt with adversity. If you have any questions or comments for Chris or the guys at GLT, please leave them in the comment section below and we will address them!

Developing Golf Skill w/ Dr. David Grecic

Welcome to Season 2 of the GLT Golf Podcast. Please give a warm welcome to special guest Dr. David Grecic - Director of the International Institution of Golf Education at UCLan.

In this episode, Dr. Grecic talks about developing golf skill and how his approach has changed over his impressive 30+ year career as a golf instructor.

Introduction with Cordie Walker

Guess what?! GLT Radio is back! We have an exciting line-up of guests and topics to discuss, and we are excited to get the ball rolling!

Please Give a warm welcome to special guest Cordie Walker of Golf Science Lab. This episode dives into the basic ideas of the show and helps set the scene for what's to come. Stay tuned for more!