GLT Podcast Radio Show 

If you’re in the market for a golf podcast, please allow us to introduce you to the Game Like Training Radio podcast. 

Do you enjoy podcasts? Do you enjoy learning from podcasts? Do you enjoy learning about golf from golf podcasts? Do you enjoy learning about the latest, greatest, world’s all-time most bestest golf happenings from golf podcasts? Well, if you said yes to the last part, this probably isn’t the right podcast for you; but, if you’re looking for a couple of normal guys (okay, they do have years of experience in and around the sport) that happen to be (self-proclaimed) experts in the fields of Motor Learning and Sports Psychology, well, now you’re getting warmer. 
Each week, Game Like Training Radio’s hosts, Matthew Cooke and Iain Highfield, will dive into a vast array of topics that span the spectrum of the game of golf. And they have British accents, so they clearly know a lot about golf. 

So, what are some benefits of the Game Like Training Radio golf podcast? I’m glad you asked, potential Game Like Training Radio golf podcast listener. Are you having trouble with your chipping game? We’ll help talk it out. Having a problem getting over the mental hurdle of competing down the stretch? Get comfortable, we’ve got you covered. Having a hard time taking your range game to the course? Join the club, we meet every Friday afternoon and have those fancy little sandwiches that have been cut into triangles. Frilly toothpicks are optional (but encouraged.) But seriously, tune in, we just might be able to help. 

Along with our weekly discussions, we’re joined occasionally by special guests from various corners of the golf industry, and be sure to check out our Game of the Week feature for new and innovate ways to step up your practice. 
At GLT Golf, we’re a pretty humble group. We’re not really the type to toot our own horns (unlike some in the golf industry.) With that in mind, we’d never risk speaking too highly of Game Like Training Radio; however, if anyone wished to describe the Game Like Training Radio golf podcast as groundbreaking, revolutionary, enlightening, engrossing, life changing/altering/saving, the greatest thing to happen to human senses since the invention of scratch and sniff stickers, etc., we certainly wouldn’t stop them. Still thinking whether or not to tune in? Maybe this will help as you're Navigating the world of golf podcasts. See you on the flip side.