Teaching Golf With Technology Online Course W/ Arick Zeigel

Teaching with Technology 

At Game Like Training, it is our continuous goal to bring golfers and golf coaches alike, practical and applicable information on how to think differently and train differently.

These FREE modules have been designed and built to help coaches and golfers alike, better understand not only HOW to train more effectively to enduce deeper learning resulting in the retention of skilll, but also WHAT the goal of each piece of technology should be from a coaches perspective to help students in their golfing journeys.

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More About the course

Welcome to the GLT Teaching with Technology Course! It is our continuous goal to bring golfers and golf coaches alike practical and applicable information on how to think differently and train differently.

Teaching with Technology is such a passionate topic of Aricks that we’ve decided to make this course never ending. Modules will continuously be dropped on different topics with different pieces of technology but here’s what we have in the works: 

Module 1 – Training Aids | Featuring GravityFit (LIVE)

Module 2 – Putting Systems | Featuring CAPTO Putting (COMING SOON)

Module 3 – 3D Systems | Featuring K-Motion (COMING SOON)

Much More to Come…

Within each module you will not only be receiving FREE education on the underlying principles of Motor Learning and expert performance, but you will also get to see these theories and research in action as each module has case studies designed to help you better understand how to bring the scientific research to the golf range and the golf course. 

We are extremely excited to bring you another FREE GLT online course and hope you enjoy the content that follows.

Sit back, grab a notebook, and get ready as we dive into the world of Teaching with Technology.

What you will learn

As technology continues to grow in popularity within the world of golf, we as coaches have been given access to incredible power! But with great power comes great responsibility; the responsibility to not only understand the information that we receive from radar systems, force plates, and 3D motion capture systems, but also the responsibility to make sure that these tools are being used to enhance a students learning. Are we using training aids correctly, or are they becoming a crutch and a barrier to a students learning? Are we collecting data that is representative of what we would see in competition, or have we created an artificial environment? These questions and more will be answered as we take some of the most popular golf technology and help you use them more effectively with your students.