Golf Coaching Praxis - Dr Robert Neal, Dr David Grecic and Mr Brendan Ryan

It is an exciting collaboration between the University of Central Lancashire (UK), Golf Biodynamics, and BMR Golf Management, to provide a high quality learning experience for existing and aspiring golf coaches.

The Certificate focuses on all aspects of skill development and game improvement strategies. It is an innovative and original initiative, capable of providing a high level, vocationally focused award that will enhance an individual’s coaching, management and leadership skills. The program is designed to include three levels of information about golf coaching. 


This program has 3 Units which cover the core knowledge of coaching as well as important topics such as how you develop and manage yourselves as coaches as well as the careers and lives of your players. Each unit has a number of topic folders each with slides, video and tasks to complete. You can choose to work through each unit and module content in any order you wish to, although we have structured the materials so that there is a natural flow of information from one topic to the next.  Through the VLE we can monitor your progress and support you in the tasks you are asked to complete. Once these tasks have been completed you can move onto the next topic at your own pace. 

Unit 1. Information from various researchers and experts in these areas is drawn together and presented in a cohesive yet simple manner to allow the coaches to develop the underlying knowledge coupled with the skills of using that knowledge. 

Unit 2 is about learning. It has an emphasis on how motor skills are developed and learned by golfers. Secondly, there is an entire section on Pedagogy (the study of learning/teaching). Various new technologies have emerged over the last 20 years that have required the golf coach know the strengths, limitations and the nature of the data that emerge from these devices. Typical technologies that will be covered include pressure measuring devices, video cameras, launch monitors and 3D biomechanical systems.

Unit 3 has its focus on the “administrative” side of coaching. You will begin to understand how to teach players to prepare for tournaments, develop yardage books, scout a course and determine the design features that the architect had in mind when playing different holes.



  • Unit 1 – Supporting Young Golfers  In this Unit you will cover the core knowledge that we need as coaches to support and develop our athletes.  Key areas that underpin our practice such as Long Term Athlete Development, Motor Learning and Skills Acquisition are covered in detail, as well as those elements which contribute to our athletes success ie. Biomechanics, Technology and Sport Psychology.


  • Unit 2 – Developing Young Golfers  In this Unit we focus on those coaching behaviours that are critical in order to support our golfers' progress and development. Initially we look at the Coaching Process itself and how we teach and instruct our players. We then go on to the specifics of how we can recognise and cater for our players different learning styles and preferences, how we create a strong coach player relationship, and how we prepare the best talent development environment to support our players.


  • Unit 3 – Managing Young Golfers  In this Unit we now look towards how coaches directly influence their players' performance and careers through their work and management processes. Initially we focus on the two areas of how we direct quality practice and maximize players' preparations for tournament golf. We then focus on the importance of us developing a strong coaching philosophy which can guide our professional practice and the ethical choices we face. Finally we look at the current working environment in which we operate, the pressures, tools and best business practices which we can use to develop our business and careers.