Golf Coaching Excellence W/ Dr David Grecic

Are you striving for coaching excellence?

Becoming and evidence led coach can help you have more impact and influence on the athletes you coach. Understanding the research and application of the non-linear pedagogical approach and being able to practically apply coaching interventions to influence your athletes behaviors and enhance performance. 

More About the course 

David joined UCLan in August 2008 having previously worked in a variety of sport and education settings for 15 years. He was working in senior sport management roles in schools, colleges and voluntary sports organisations before taking up his role at UCLan. He has been a member of the County Sports Partnership Management Hub, an executive of the North West University and College. He has performed consultancy for a range of sporting organisations including Sorbothane Ltd, the Hong Kong Golf Association, the English Golf Union, the Rugby Football League, and Core Golf USA.

GLT believe Dr Grecic to be the ultimate Pracademic - A coach who practically applies the science and research behind human performance and how humans learn into his own coaching sessions. Everyday he lives and breathes the very practical application of the academia he studies and produces.  

To get a feel for Dr Grecic and how this course can help you evolve coaching excellence check out this video - Dr Grecic talks skill development and coaching excellence

In his career David has been instrumental in establishing a number of sports education academies. These include programs for Lancashire County Cricket Club, Sale Sharks and Preston Grasshoppers Rugby Union Football Clubs, Blackburn Rovers, Bolton Wanderers, Everton, Preston North End, Blackpool and Stockport County Football Clubs, and for Golf England. David is still an active coach in a variety of sports including rugby union, football and golf. It is here that his specialist interest lies and that drives his academic research. His teaching activities include: strategic sports management, talent pathways, elite coaching practice. 

What will you learn 

Learning a sport or a movement orientated skill can be seen as a non-linear process. Non-linear pedagogy is a learner-centered approach to skill acquisition. An umbrella term for teaching and coaching that uses task and environment design to develop skill acquisition

David's ability to explain the coaching process and give key strategies on how to apply these evidence based coaching sessions, understand talent development and junior development is exceptional. 

Why Non-Linear Pedagogy 

Learning a new sport can be a complexed process for athletes. Therefore, it’s important as a coach that you adapt to all individual needs. What is the difference between Linear and Non Linear Pedagogy?

Linear Pedagogy focuses in more depth on the dynamic aspects of a sport. Linear pedagogy adapts to a ‘criteria lead coaching’ approach to sport. This suggests that there cannot be one size that fits all as there are a wide variety of variables to manage. When coaching a new sport coaches will use a number of different techniques, such as;

  • Repetition
  • Technical demonstrations
  • Drills
  • Non-Linear

Non Linear pedagogy takes an  approach to coaching that tends to have more experiential methods when conducting their training. Athletes are taught using a number of different stages which build them up slowly to full game play. Research from some of the most respected and renowned professors in Motor Learning, Cognitive Psychology, and Neuroscience has given the coaching world an inside view of how the human brain learns movement.

Online Course Outline 

Module 1 - The coaching process

  • Effective session design and review
  • The 4 Areas of Elite Performance 
  • The Challenge Point Framework 


Module 2 - Talent development

  • LTAD - Long Term Athletic Development 
  • PCDEs - Psychological Characteristics for developing excellence 
  • Growth Mindset 


Module 3 - Coaching juniors

  • Emotional development
  • Mental Skills for juniors