The Basics of Q School for Golf

Akhil Patel
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European Tour

For those of you looking to become a member of The European Tour or European Challenge Tour you must enter Q School. The European Tour Q School is an annual golf tournament held in three stages. The final stage is played over six rounds at the Lumine Golf Club in Tarragona, Spain.

All male professionals and male amateur golfers are eligible to enter the tournament with an entry fee of £1,550 or €1,800. The players who finish in the top 25 win their card on the European Tour, while those finishing outside the top 25 earn a spot on the Challenge Tour.

Alternatively, players can earn status on the tour by participating on the challenge tour and finishing in the top 15 in the final 2018 European Challenge Tour Rankings.

First Qualifying Stage: eight tournaments, held in multiple countries across Europe, each played over four rounds.

Second Qualifying Stage: four tournaments, each played over four rounds, at four different courses in Spain.

Final Qualifying Stage: a single tournament played over six rounds in Spain.

The Q School will feature some of the most talented players across Europe all vying for the same prize.

The proper mindset and training regimen are essential for anyone looking to earn a tour start.

Mark Pearson is a PGA European Tour Coach with over 20 years of experience working with European Tour Players. As well as being a successful tour coach, Mark has been the Academy Director at Q Hotels Golf Academy in Leeds, England.

Mark is also the founder of Performance Managed Golf, a company helping change the way golfers learn and improve. PMG offers various performance clinics and seminars and works very closely with GLT's Director of education, Iain Highfield to help players prepare for the stress of Q school. 

Over the next 6 days the 2018 Q school final stage will take place and both Iain and Mark will be keeping a wathcful eye on the players they coach as part of a high performance team.

GLT recommends you tap into Mark Pearson's wealth of experience and learn his 16 key ingredients to make it on tour. These are the ingredients that the players Mark & Iain coach will need this week if they are going to reach their dream of competing on the European Tour. 

Click Here For 16 Ingredients

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