You Can't Cram Skill: When Not To Schedule Junior Golf Lessons

GLT Content Writer & Developer Joe Culverhouse
  • Author: Joseph Culverhouse
  • GLT Content Writer & Developer
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Group of junior golfers

  For parents, doing everything you can to help your child succeed is a constant desire; however, unless your child is already a competent golfer, scheduling golf lessons the week of a junior golf tournament or right before tryouts for a high school golf team is the opposite of being helpful. In fact, unless the child is already a US Kids Golf Tour or Atlanta Junior Golf Tour caliber golfer, it could lead to the kind of catastrophic failure that could make him or her abandon the game forever.

  Golf is a difficult game. Scratch that. Golf is a very difficult game. Even by equipping your child with the best clubs and gear on the market, if he or she has no prior experience and knowledge of the game, booking a lesson the week of or before a tournament or high school golf team tryout is doing nothing but wasting the child and instructor’s time… and your money.

group of junior golfers
For Junior Golfers, training should be ongoing, not crammed before a tournament or tryout.

  Golf lessons in the days before a junior golf tournament or high school golf team tryout can be beneficial for golfers that already posses an advanced knowledge and golf skill level. US Kids Golf Tour or Atlanta Junior Golf Tour competitors may see benefit from these lessons, but only as a tool to continue and advance the learning process. Even for the most competent of golfers, a quick lesson isn’t going to be a magical cure all.

  Learning the skills necessary to make a competitive golfer is a process. Little Betty or Bobby isn’t going to be able to pick up a club, take a few lessons, and instantly compete on the US Kids Golf Tour or Atlant Junior Golf Tour. As with all learning, the longer the process, the better the skills are going to be learned and retained. A lesson for a junior golfer in the days and week leading to a tournament or high school golf team tryout is the equivalent of cramming for a test the night before, information may be delivered, but the chances of the information being retained and remaining demonstrable decrease with each passing hour.

Junior golfer & mentor