Golf Psychology - Bob Rotella, The Godfather of Golf's Mental Game

Joe Culverhouse
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Bob Rotella


Dr. Bob Rotella has been a Professor of Sports Psychology at the University of Virginia for over 21 years. He is also Director of the University of Virginia’s Golf Psychology Department and President of the North American Association for Applied Sports Management. Most importantly for the purposes of GLT’s Golf Psychology series, he is widely considered the Godfather of Golf’s Mental Game.

Along with his work at UVa, Bob Rotella has worked with hundreds of leading corporations. Merril Lynch, General Electric, Ford, Time Warner, Pepsi Co. and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are just a sampling of the corporations and institutions that have benefited from his psychological expertise.

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According to his website, Dr. Rotella has, “dedicated his career to helping business leaders, sales executives, coaches, athletes and professionals use their minds and attitudes to take them to the top of their chosen professions.”

So, how does Dr. Bob Rotella relate to the mental game of golf?

Throughout his career as a leading influencer and advisor to golf’s mental game, Rotella has coached PGA, CHAMPIONS and LPGA golfers to over 300 tournament and 74 Major championships. He has been named a Top 25 Instructor of All Time by Links Magazine, a Top 10 Golf Teacher of the 20th Century by Golf World Magazine, a publication that also named him the Godfather of Sports Psychology for Golf. Golf Magazine named Dr. Rotella one the Top 10 Teachers of the Decade. 

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Currently, Dr. Rotella counts Lebron James, Rory McIlroy and Hendrick Motorsports among the elite athletes to benefit from his guidance in sports psychology.

For a brief example of Dr. Bob Rotella’s work and philosophies, stay tuned for the next piece in our Golf’s Mental Game Series, a quick review of his best-selling Golf Is Not A Game Of Perfect. To see how you can further develop your mental golf game, follow along as Team GLT continues to dive deeper into golf’s mental game, and be sure to check out the first article in the series, What Is Golf’s Mental Game?


Dr. Bob Rotella