Golf Psychology W/ Iain Highfield & Dan Abrahams

  • Author: Iain Highfield
  • Mental Performance Coach
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Click to listen to England Soccer and Golf Psychologist, Dan Abrahams and GLT's Iain Highfield discuss how to train like a champion on i Tunes

Here is how Dan introduced iain to this great podcast:

'I have the pleasure of having Iain Highfield on this week’s episode. Iain is a performance coach specializing in helping golfers develop their mental skills. He has implemented psychological conditioning program at two leading Junior Golf Academies and he was voted one of the best young golf teachers by Golf Digest Magazine in 2017. He is co-founder of Game Like Training Golf, where he introduces cutting-edge research to coaches.'

Here is what Iain said about being on The Sports Psych Show with Dan Abrahams:

The reception I have got from this has been remarkable. Stuart Morgan a mentor of mine listened to it and gave great feedback, he is a hard man to please too. Even better than that a USA Soccer player and coach have been in touch after listening to this podcast and asked me to consult and speak with her. This gives me the confidence that my education could add value to the world of sport.  

Watch Iain implement the GLT training philosophy with elite golfer Robin Tiger Williams 

Click to listen to how to practice like a champion on Dan's official site - HERE!

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