Tiger Vs Phil - The Match. How can it help you play better golf

  • Author: Iain Highfield
  • GLT Director
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Tiger Vs Phil. The Match


I paid zero attention to the Tiger Vs Phil (The Match) hype, with the exception of belly laughing at Eddie Pepperell’s Tweet that said what most were thinking. (If you love golf and don’t follow Pepperell you should @PepperellEddie)


But as 3pm rolled around, the relentless Tiger Vs Phil adverts from my cable supplier and the social media tirade across multiple platforms, resulted in me parting with $19.99 to watch Tiger Vs Phil. So, in true Game Like Training fashion I write this blog in an attempt to educate and inspire the world of golf to think and practice more effectively.


So, what can we learn from The Match, apart from the fact that ‘side sauce’ is an actual thing. 


1 – The power of data.

With golf data experts, Mark Brodie and Scott Fawcett, providing statically driven predictions, Brodie live on TV and Fawcett via Twitter, it was highlighted just how often the data wins.

What can the average golfer learn from this?

Simply, that if you want to improve at golf and are going to spend time practicing, keep your stats! A great place to start could be read Brodies book ‘Every Shot Counts’ and could lead to you planing practice sessions more effectivley, improving the parts of your game that will have the biggest impact on your scores.


2 – How specific Tiger and Phil’s shot planning is.

Tiger had an approach shot with a wedge and prior to addressing the ball said to his caddy, ‘take 2 yards off this?’. LaCava, his caddy, responded by reminding him the exact distance he had been hitting that club on the range according to data the $24000 radar he was using to measure his shots.

What can the average golfer learn from this?

At GLT we are very passionate about helping players practice effectively. So next time you go to the golf range use a portion of your time hitting your wedges and find out the average distances they go. You could even spend time noting down the carry distance of half and ¾ shots. Then test out your new-found knowledge in a golf practice range game.


Click here to download GLT's FREE Short Game Workbook to help you with this


3 – The power of Positive Self-Talk

Phil Mickleson leaves a 7 ft birdie putt short that was worth around $7 trillion. As he walks off the green he says, ‘It has been a great putting season this year, let’s keep that going today, come on.’ 

What can the average golfer learn from this?

Big Phil and Tiger both know that the way you talk to yourself has a direct impact on how your mind focuses and body feels. I know club golfers that would beat themselves to mental exhaustion over the next 6 holes if they missed that putt. If its ok for big Phil to miss, its ok for you!!!!

For more ways to develop a mental game like Phil & Tiger Click here.


In conclusion Tiger Vs Phil The Match, was not exciting but it did provide the average golfer with 2 things – 

A chance to learn from 2 of the greatest golfers to ever walk the earth. And the realization that it is not the great shots that make these guys great, it is all the small things they do that lead to them being able to recover from the bad shots and minimize the impact that these have on their score………and their bank balance!

Develop a Pre-Shot routine like Tiger & Phil 


Tiger Vs Phil The Match 2 - Coming Soon. Prize Fund $20 million