Motor Learning in Golf

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  • Author: Joseph Culverhouse
  • GLT Content Writer & Developer
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Beyonce Knowles

At Game Like Training Golf, we take Motor Learning seriously. From study to application, when it comes to Motor Learning and its significance within the world of golf, GLT Golf are your go-to experts. Like Ghostbusters with Puma jumpsuits, when you think golf & motor learning, Team GLT are who you’re gonna call. I can hear you now, though, “calling yourselves experts is one thing, Team GLT, but how can you back that up?” Trust me, we can back it up… we can back it up like Beyoncé. And through our Golf Motor Learning Certification, we’ll happily pass the information along to you.

You see, much like Beyoncé’s ability to back it up, golf is a motor program, and like all motor programs, it’s composed of three key elements:

1. The cognitive stage, during which skills are acquired

2. The associative stage, during which skills are retained

3. The autonomous stage, which focuses on the ability to transfer skills.

GLT’s Golf Motor Learning Certification provides more thorough explanations and examples of each of the above.


Destiny's Child Michelle
GLT's Motor Learning Certififcation is backed by science to create a Beyonce level of long-term learning, not a one-time performance.

With our Golf Motor Learning Certification, Team GLT also provides detail on the motor learning process a golfer goes through when attempting to make a shot. From establishing the goal to identifying how to react to it, we provide a complete walk-through during our Golf Motor Learning Certification.

Lastly, we’ll make sure the recipients of our Golf Motor Learning Certification understand that performance isn’t indicative of long-term learning. Sticking with Beyoncé, I’ll give you an example using the career arc of Destiny’s Child members. Think of performance as Michelle Williams, (I realize many of you reading this are clueless about Michelle Williams, Destiny’s Child, or possibly even Beyoncé, so in the simplest of terms, she’s the Ringo of the group) you may get a positive result once or twice, but the chance of it being sustainable are slim. On the flip side, think of long-term learning as Beyoncé, consistent, dependable and impressive. And with the information you’ll learn through our Golf Motor Learning Certification, you’ll not only understand the difference between the two, you’ll be able to coach long-term learning and create the kind of consistent golfers that can always “back it up.”

Motor Learning 101

GLT Motor Learning Certificate Course