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  • Author: Joseph Culverhouse
  • GLT Content Writer & Developer
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GLT Golf Podcast With Iain & Matthew

Podcasts are all the rage right now. In 2018, “let’s start a podcast” is the equivalent of “let’s start a band/let’s make a viral video/let’s not die while crossing the continent on our way to settle the Wild West (I’m referring to the Oregon Trail video game of the early 90s, although I suppose teens and hip adults of the 1800s may have felt the same excitement about westward expansion as the current generation feels regarding podcasts.) While having a practically endless selection of podcasts at your disposal means there is never a shortage of audio options, having so many choices makes it far more difficult to choose where to begin your journey (your audio journey, not your journey across the Rockies en route to Oregon.) Team GLT gets it, and we’ve gone out of our way to make sure the GLT Golf Podcast stands apart from the field (the field of other golf podcast shows, not the fields you’ll have to cross on your way out West.)

I know what you’re thinking, “yeah, this dude claims the GLT Golf Podcast is different from other golf podcasts, but everyone says that… and why the #@^! is he talking about Oregon Trail so much?” You bring up good points, let me address those for you. What makes the GLT Golf podcast unique is its focus on relevant, scientifically-founded information, and the abilities of our hosts, GLT coaches Matthew Cooke, Iain Highfield and Arick Zeigel, to present the research-based information in as way that is informative, engaging, easy to understand and sometimes even humorous. As for why I keep mentioning Oregon Trail, have you played it?! It’s awesome. You can plan your trip, engage with people along the way, hunt for food, and die of everything from snake bites to dysentery… it’s basically like working at GLT Golf headquarters, but with less oxen.


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Enough about adventures on the prairie, who am, Laura Ingalls? Back to the GLT Golf Podcast – So, along with providing expert-level advice and information in the fields of motor learning, mental preparedness and effective practice from the GLT team, each GLT Golf Podcast show features fascinating guests from various fields within the golf industry. Just as you can interact with locals along your virtual westward journey in Oregon Trail, Team GLT encourages listeners to reach out and engage with us before and after we posts our golf podcasts through Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud or We’ll do our best to offer insight into the questions at hand, and we’ll be sure our guests have a chance to serve up knowledge, too. With guests like Euro Tour player Chris Hanson, professor Tim Lee, coaches Stuart Morgan and Chad Phillips, and Golf Science Lab’s Cordie Walker, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be getting answers form some of the golf industry’s best and brightest.

The GLT Golf Podcast has already covered a lot of ground on our first two seasons (not as much ground as you’ll cover on your journey Wes… nevermind, you get the point.) Some of the topics already covered on our golf podcast shows include how to be your own best golf coach, how to develop junior golfers, the importance of motor learning and effective practice, and more. However, at GLT Golf, we aren’t interested in always dominating the situation (unless we’re mowing down bison on our classic Macintosh.) We’d love to hear suggestions for podcast guests or topics, so feel free to reach out on social media, and be sure to check out season one and season two of the GLT Golf Podcast today to begin your exciting journey to golf enlightenment. You won’t even need to stock extra wagon axels, although extra medicine probably wouldn’t be the worst idea.

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