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Golf Podcast Show

Matt Schichter’s “Backstage Pass” music radio show is generally regarded as the first true podcast, although the word itself was apparently not coined until the following year.

But since then the concept has exploded in popularity, and according to Apple there are now more than 525,000 active podcasts, with some 18.5 million episodes available. In March 2018, Apple Podcasts alone recorded its 50 billionth download.

And with such a huge choice available, it’s not surprising that there are hundreds of sports podcasts, many of which are specific to golf.

So just how do you set about finding a golf podcast that matters to you.

What Do You Look for in a Golf Podcast

Your favorite golf magazine probably offers a wide variety of features. From technical instruction to club and equipment reviews; from reports on tour events to the latest news and gossip about the players, from golf vacation ideas to historical features and humor.

But most golf podcasts aim to be much more specific.

The beauty of the format is that you can listen while driving, exercising or doing almost anything else. But for the more technical pods at least, some degree of concentration is required.

So the first step in selecting a few favorites is to decide what you’re looking to get from the precious time you invest in listening.

You can find golfing podcasts about the mechanics of the swing, about golf psychology and about golf specific strength and fitness.

There are also shows featuring talks with great players of the past and present, shows focused on golf technology and shows which sound like a group of regular guys shooting the breeze in the clubhouse bar.

GLT Golf Podcast Show

Why the GLT Podcast Is Different

But the GLT pod is something different.

Our focus is on the science of learning and golf psychology; not because these topics are interesting in themselves, although we think they are, but because they can be enormously helpful to ordinary players who want to improve while also getting more enjoyment from the game.

The Practical Approach to Golf Science

So our approach is practical not academic. Every week our regular presenters and a variety of invited guests from the golfing world talk about anything and everything from learning the mechanics of the swing to conquering first tee nerves, the dreaded putting “yips” and why it’s so difficult to replicate your range game on the course.

These are interesting conversations in themselves of course. But we’re not so much about anecdotal advice as giving you actionable strategies for better practice and play which are firmly based on the latest scientific research.

The GLT Golf podcast may not be the only golf pod you’ll ever want to listen to, but we’ll lay odds you’ll find it one of the most useful.

To find out more, or to start listening right away, you can visit us here.