Golf Biomechanics - What is it?

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Golf Biomechanics

Golf Biomechanics - What is it? 

In it’s simplest form, golf biomechanics is the analysis of human motion using the principles of physics and physiology.

Whenever a person performs any physical task such as lifting weights or running, muscles within the body create tension and force across the joints to generate the correct movement. Biomechanics make it possible to measure those movements in order to understand patterns and stress of the joints.

A deep understanding of golf biomechanics allows for increased performance while decreasing the potential for an injury.

Golf BioDynamics utilizes Biomechanics technology to give you a complete understanding of how clubhead speed is generated.

Golf Biomechanics - What do we need to know?

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When utilized the correct way, golf biomechanics can maximize the distance and accuracy of your shots.

It all starts with understanding the structure and movements of your golf swing. For example, recognizing the optimal shoulder and wrist movements will allow you to have consistency with successful chip shots.

Balance, stability, momentum, levers and ground reaction force are just some of the biomechanics principles that will enable you to improve the distance of your golf drives. 

Golf BioDynamics uses advanced biomechanics technology to identify flaws in your swing and suggest the correct improvements that need to be made.

Learn more about the technology used to measure the golf swing

Golf Bio-mechanics Sequence

Golf Biomechanics - How do we measure?

Golf BioDynamics and Dr. Neal have developed 3D motion capture software for the most in-depth look at the golf swing. It consists of an 8-sensor cable device with a harness specifically designed for golf. Golf BioDynamics have conducted research on a full swing, short game and putting. Pressure mats and launch monitors are also used for added data.

By measuring the force and tension your muscles and joints create during a golf swing, you will be able to pinpoint what improvements in technique that need to be made.

Golf BioDynamics has the ability to translate the research and data into an understandable form for the golfer. The coach uses this information and allows the player to develop “feels” associated with different types of movement patterns.

Golf BioDynamics ensures that every detail of your swing is measured and not guessed so you receive the necessary evidence to make improvements.

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