Golf Biomechanics - Kinetics vs. Kinematics Explained

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  • Author: Akhil Patel
  • GLT Content Writer & Developer
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Kinetics vs. Kinematics

Golf Kinetics vs Kinematics

An important aspect to look at in regard to golf biomechanics is Kinetics vs. Kinematics.

Kinetics is the analysis of forces and torques that cause motion. (Newton’s second law)

The sum of forces and movements, changes in speed, impact and collision are all factors in the rate of reaction.

Kinematics is the description of motion with no regard to what is causing it.

Let’s take a look at a golf swing for example. Kinematics focuses on details of the swing such as shape of the clubhead path, velocities and positions of the body and club. It is important to know the details of velocity, speed, acceleration and position to understand why the outcome came to be.

Kinetics focuses on the cause of the motion. The grip force exerted by the hands and the weight of the club are two of the primary forces leading to the swing.

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If every cause acting on the body are known, then you will be able to predict the effects. Understanding and taking advantage of this concept will allow you to comprehend how longer and more accurate drives are achieved.

In order to generate the maximum outcome, you must produce the necessary joint motions in a coordinated manner.

Learning about golf biomechanics can help you influence golf swing changes more effectivley. 


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