The Best Golf Podcast, by GLT (Game Like Training Golf)

Matthew Cooke
  • Author: Matthew Cooke
  • GLT Founder & Director
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Iain Highfield
  • Author 2: Iain Highfield
  • GLT Director of Education
Tiger Woods & Phill

The Problem With Golf Instruction

It’s been said with good reason that the golf swing is probably the most closely analyzed of all human movements.

Since the invention of high speed photography the swings of every great champion and moderately successful tour player have been dissected in the minutest detail.

And innumerable DVDs, YouTube videos and online courses have now been added to the thousands of traditional instructional books and countless magazine articles which followed.

So no one wanting to take up golf or improve their game could possibly complain of a lack of information; much of which has been produced by genuine greats of the game or highly experienced teaching pros.

Why then should it be that the playing standard of the average golfer has barely improve at all despite revolutionary advances in equipment technology?

What is Game Like Training (GLT)

Much of the blame must lie with the way the game has been and continues to be taught.

It’s now well understood that hitting endless balls on the range while trying to comply with detailed verbal instructions is simply not an effective way to learn complex physical skills such as the golf swing.

And the idea behind GLT is that by applying modern and scientifically proven principles of learning, golfers can not only experience rapid improvements in performance, but also a significant increase in their enjoyment of both practice and playing.

Our mission is to offer golfers better ways to learn the motor skills necessary for a consistent and powerful swing, to practice more effectively and to perform well under pressure.

So we’ve put together a comprehensive suite of online tools to help you apply the well-established principles of learning psychology to the improvement of every aspect of your game.

And for those who like to learn while driving, exercising or doing other things, there’s also now a GLT weekly golf podcast.

Introducing the GLT Podcast

There are of course numerous golfing pods covering every aspect of the game; from technical instruction to fitness, from golf psychology to PGA Tour news and interviews with the stars.

But the GLT Golf podcast doesn’t fit neatly into any of these categories. In fact it’s probably unique in having the science of learning as its main focus.

If that sounds a little dry, don’t worry. The show’s hosts Matthew Cooke, Iain Highfield and Arick Zeigel, and their carefully selected expert guests, take care to present every different topic in an accessible and entertaining way.

More importantly, the subject matter is compelling in itself.

Whether it’s learning technical changes to the swing or putting stroke, or how to stay calm and confident under pressure, the GLT Golf podcast has covered a huge range of common golfing problems in its first two seasons.

The Most Helpful Game Improvement Podcast

And whatever subject we’re talking about, our aim is always to equip you with specific, practical steps, grounded in up to the minute research, which you can take with you to the range, practice green or the course.

We don’t claim that we produce the best golf podcast around. That judgement depends too much on subjective taste and the different reasons for listening.

But we do maintain that players who want to improve their games will find the GLT golf pod immensely helpful.

Why not visit us here for Soundcloud or here for iTunes to start listening, or to find out more about our unique approach to the game.