Sharpen that short game for competition

Iain Highfield
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Chipping practice

Have you ever been bamboozled by how many hours your son or daughter can engage in playing Xbox or PlayStation? Have you ever been shocked at the drive and passion they express to beat a friend or get to the next level of a game?

Chances are, if you have engaged in the GLT on-course training games detailed in our previous 2 articles, you may be beginning to understand why computer gaming can become so addictive and rewarding!

This is the third and final part of Team GLT’s on course practice series. In our first two segments, we have provided games that will help you to play under pressure and cure that slice. The final game we have created is designed to sharpen that short game.

Game 3 - Sharpen that short game

Tee off as normal. On your approach shot, pick which side of the green to miss (this can be the right or left side and can be short or long.)

  • If you miss in the correct place, you can use any club to play the chip shot.
  • If you miss in the wrong place, you cannot use the desired club to hit the shot and you must use another.
  • If you get up and down, you move on to the next hole.
  • If you fail to get up and down, you must then hole a 6 ft. putt to move on to the next hole.
  • If you fail to make the 6 ft. putt, you must play the hole again.

Compete 9 holes in the latest time possible.

*Bonus Tip:

For those that don't have the luxury of a quiet golf course that allows golfers to return to the tee, you can award yourself: 1 stroke for every up and down made and -0.5 of a stroke if you hole the 6 ft. putt. Every time you play, you must try and beat your lowest score.

Sharpen that short game for competition

How does this practice game help?

As well as sharpening your short game through helping you build a mental process to chip and putt under the perception of pressure, this challenge can help a player build the strategic thought process of a PGA tour player. Habits of firing away from the sucker pins and missing the greens in places that present the best chance of an up and down will begin to emerge in competitive play.

All our team here at GLT Golf are very passionate about this type of practice because we want to help golfers learn to play the game, not just swing the club. We also want golfers to become addicted to the process of constant self-improvement. Embracing this type of challenging practice can help golfers achieve both goals.

Team GLT Golf hopes you have enjoyed this 3-article series and want to invite you to continue this journey of effective on-course training. If you have any questions, please email us. Team members Iain Highfield, Arick Zeigel, Stuart Morgan or Matthew Cooke will get back to you and help you develop a game specific to your needs.