Fix that slice without thinking about your swing

Iain Highfield
  • Author: Iain Highfield
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Golf slice shot

There are many different ways that humans can learn a skill. At Team GLT Golf, we are very interested in the concept of constraint-led learning. We believe that by placing contraints on either the task, performer or environment, we can encourage the player to emerge with certain behaviors; therefore, if you’ve been playing the game we detailed in  one of last articles, How to Take Your Range Game to the Course, this challenge places constraints on the task that would help a golfer develop the ability to deal with the stress of playing golf competitively.

Today, we aim to provide a challenge that places constraints on the task, as well as the golfer, to help encourage a swing that can eventually help cure that slice.

And remember, by doing this on the golf course, not only is it challenging and fun, it also means that the new behavior - a swing that does not slice the ball - is more likely to turn up during competition.

This game also encourages the Jordan Spieth-style resilience that helped him bank his 3rd major tournament (The 2017 British Open,) as it is challenging and failure in the early stages is inevitable.

So, if you’re looking for a quick fix, this game is not for you. I would advise you go back to the comfort of the driving range and continue to attempt to become an olympic swimmer by training in the bath tub.

If you truly desire to hit a draw when the pressure is on during the Sunday medal, get ready for this demanding on course challenge:

Game 2 - How to Fix That Slice Challenge

9 holes = target score is level par (net)

On every tee shot, you must tee the ball up on the left side of the tee box, and you must aim at the right semi rough at approximately the distance you carry the ball

  • If the ball starts left of your target line, add 0.5 onto your score.
  • If the ball fades or slices, add 0.5 onto your score.
  • If the ball starts right of your target line, take 0.5 off your score.
  • If the ball draws, take 0.5 off your score.

Level 1 = take 2 tee shots and pick your best one

Level 2 = take 1 tee shot only

Level 3 = take 1 tee shot only and double the penalty strokes

Golf ball next to hole

How does this game help fix my slice?

First, it requires the player to self-discover how they best hit a draw. What do they need to feel or do to move the ball from right to left on the golf course? This helps remove the temptation for players to simply follow instruction, and drives them to self-discover and learn a new skill. 

Second, the constraints placed on the player and the rules of the game will encourage a player to make a golf swing with a swing path and club face angle that will create a draw. This is often achieved by golfers on the golf range as there is little environmental or psychological interference. It is wide open, and there is no consequence for failing. This will not be the case if you are engaged in this on course challenge; however, if you can begin to succeed at this demanding game, you could wave goodbye to Mr. Slice forever. Your slice will disappear as you begin to retain and transfer that draw swing into the environments where you need it, not just the ones in which you are comfortable.