Visio Golf Putting Trainer, & All You Need To Know About Visio Putting

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Visio Putting Training Aids

There’s no doubt that hitting booming drives and majestic iron shots is one of the most satisfying feelings in golf.

Competence on the greens may not seem so exciting, but the old saying “drive for show, putt for dough” has its roots in a fundamental truth of the game. On a typical 72 par course, 36 of the strokes are allowed for putts.

So like it or not, by the numbers alone putting is half the game of golf, and if you’re at all serious about improving your scoring you’re going to have to spend some time working on it.

Practice Aids for Putting

The good news?

While not everyone has the strength and co-ordination necessary for an excellent long game, almost anyone can become a decent putter.

Skill at reading greens and gauging speed develops with experience, but starting the ball consistently on the right line is largely a matter of sound technique which can be practiced.

And unlike the long game, putting can be practiced effectively with a minimum of space. So there are many putting training aids available for use at home or on the practice green, and one of the most popular is the Visio putting template.

Visio Putting Golf by Phil Kenyon

The Visio Putting Concept

The Visio Golf Mi Putting Template is one of a number of Visio putting trainers developed by British PGA professional and putting specialist, Phil Kenyon.

Rory McIlroy, Henrik Stenson, Justin Rose, Louis Oosthuizen are just a few of the top touring pros who have worked with Kenyon, but the Visio template is a simple product designed to help all golfers.

At first sight, it’s just a flexible putting mat, which can be used at home or on the practice green like many others. But the Visio mats are distinguished by the templates printed on each one.

Four different templates are available, each printed with an arc designed to replicate the path of a typical putting stroke. As with every other club in the bag, for all but the shortest strokes the putter head will move on an inclined plane, and the steeper the plane the less curvature there will be in the arc.

Your natural plane and arc curve will vary depending on such factors as your height, the distance you stand from the ball and the type of putter you use. So you can choose from templates with arcs of 12, 15, 18 or 21 degrees.

Finding the template that best suits you may take a little experimentation, but once you have the right one, it's very simple to use.

Practicing With the Visio Putting Template

The aim of the template is to give immediate visual feedback about your putting stroke, and using it is simply a matter of hitting putts while paying attention to how closely your putter head follows the sharp black line of the template during the backswing and then through impact.

The standard (Face Lines) template also has a series of lines drawn at 90 degrees to the main arc line, to help you also observe how square the clubface stays to the arc throughout the stroke.

But for those who prefer to focus solely on the putter head path, a newer “Pure Arc” version of the template, without these face lines, is also available.

Each template comes with holes which enable it to be fixed firmly to the ground, but also with other holes which can be used to make a target gate through which to hit the ball. This can be done either with tee pegs or with the Visio Putting Gate, an optional extra.

Whether you use tees or the Putting Gate, the width can be adjusted to increase or decrease the degree of difficulty and margin of error.

There are a number of putting aids on the market which rely on this kind of gate feature, but the Visio template may be the only one which combines it with the arc visual aid.

Grooving Your Putting Stroke

Of course there’s much more to good putting than a sound stroke. But if you’re not confident of starting the ball on your chosen line you can’t hope to hole many.

The Visio putting templates are a simple and inexpensive but powerful tool for building the grooved stroke which is essential for consistent success on the greens.

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