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Wilson Golf D7 Driver face & side on

“Speed with every swing. Distance with every shot.”

Just another slick marketing slogan you might think.

But this is how the Wilson Sporting Goods company has chosen to announce its new D7 driver and woods for the 2019 season. And with more than 100 years in the business, and having been in the winner’s bag during 61 major championships, when Wilson announces a new product you can be sure it will at the very least be worth a look.

Wilson’s D series clubs have traditionally featured lighter weights and slightly longer than standard shafts, being aimed squarely at the player looking for more speed and distance.

The new D7 irons displayed some innovative power features when they were released to generally favorable reviews at the end of 2018. And pre-launch publicity from Wilson suggests that the new driver and woods will be setting out their stall in the same section of the market.

Wilson Golf D7 Family

The Wilson D7 Driver with RE•AKT Technology

The D7 driver combines three key elements for optimal performance.

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The new design is an extremely lightweight 192g for maximum club head, launch speed and distance off the tee.


The club head features a three piece composite crown comprising a layer of super –strong but lightweight and vibration absorbing Kevlar®, sandwiched between carbon fiber. Early reviewers report a marked reduction in vibration and a crisp, clean feel and sound through impact.

Launch Control

Perhaps most importantly, the D7 offers great adjustability for the control of loft, launch angle and ball flight.

So the weighting within the club head adjusts automatically to get the most from your choice of one of three loft settings.

At 9 degrees, the weight is forward to maximize total distance and reduce spin with a lower flight.

The 10.5 degree setting places the weight in the center of the club head for a medium high flight, while the 13 degree option sets the weight towards the rear and heel to facilitate a higher launch angle for players seeking maximum carry and control.

The standard fitting is 47.75 inches long with a D2 swing weight.

The Wilson D7 Woods

The D7 fairway (3) wood and hybrids also use RE•AKT technology and feature Carpenter Custom 455 super hard but thin maraging steel face inserts. These maximize the energy transferred from club to ball for increased “smash factor” distance.

As with the driver, the emphasis is also on ultra-light construction and optimal weight distribution for superior club head speed and ball flight.

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The D7 driver looks set to retail at a recommended $449.99, the fairway wood $299.99 and the hybrid $249.99, though no doubt the usual discounts will quickly become available.

The clubs seem likely to be a good, if not exceptional, value at these prices, but watch this space for more reviews as they become available.

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