NEW Srixon 2019 Z Star & Z Star XV Golf Ball

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srixon golf 2019 new z star & z star xv golf balls

Building ever increasing qualities of distance, flight and receptiveness to spin into an object just 1.68 inches in diameter is a major challenge for golf ball manufacturers such as the Srixon company.

The Srixon 2019 Z Star Golf Ball

But with the Z Star range, Srixon believes it has produced its best ball yet, offering an unbeatable combination of length, control and feel.

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Distance and feel

The solution to the problem of creating a ball that is both hard for distance and soft for feel, says Srixon, lies in the unique “FastLayer” core which is painstakingly assembled with literally thousands of layers.

The idea is that a construction of this many layers allows for the retention of a relatively soft inner core, which gradually hardens as the outer layers are reached.


The “spin skin” cover of the Z Star is made from Slide Ring Material (SeRM), a tough but flexible urethane which is so soft that it is said to dig into the grooves of the club face for maximum spin.

The softer compression of this standard Z Star is designed for optimal feel and control, particularly around the green, but players who make distance a top priority may want to consider the XV option.

Z Star XV for Distance

The Z Star XV has the same soft cover as the standard model, but is made with a dual core for extra distance, wind penetration and a slightly firmer feel.

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Srixon 2019 z star & z star xv golf ball blog

The Verdict

As well as a manufacturer of high quality balls Srixon is also an award winning club maker, and Keegan Bradley, Hideki Matsuyama, J.B.Holmes and Graeme McDowell are just a few of the leading tour pros who use the company’s equipment.

That’s an impressive endorsement, but early independent reviews also suggest that the performance of the Z Star compares very favorably with the ever popular Titleist Pro VI.

Differences of spin and feel will always be largely a matter of personal preference, but it’s perhaps worth noting that the Z Star XV has shown a small but distinct distance advantage over the standard Z Star.


Tour grade balls are never going to be the cheapest option to play, and even at a competitive MRRP of a cool $39.99 a dozen the Srixon Z Star is no exception to this rule.

So even the best amateurs may want to leave them in the bag when confronted by a water hazard. But elsewhere on the course they look like a high quality game improvement ball for the medium to low handicap player.

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