Medicus Kick X Golf, Innovation To The Next Level

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  • Author: Akhil Patel
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Medicus Kick X Golf Clubs

Medicus Kick X Golf

For 25 years, Medicus Kick X Golf has been selling the world’s most advanced golf training aids with the goal of helping you improve your game. Every Medicus Kick X product has gone through a lengthy research & development process using expert advice to ensure a quality product. The development process takes the science behind the golf swing into account to ensure your practice will translate onto your scorecard.

Medicus became well-known for its dual-hinged training clubs created by Bob Koch. Today, Kick X President Bob Koch and Medicus have joined together to create Medicus Kick X Golf as well as bring an advanced line of clubs and equipment to the golf market.

Kick X clubs are built with premium material resulting in greater distance and accuracy. The clubs are made of 431-9 stainless steel and are cast, creating the feel of a forged club with the forgiveness of a cast club. New technology has allowed the “sweet spot” of these clubs to be larger resulting in improved performance. The new Z-Tour golf balls are similarly designed for increased distance and accuracy.

Check out Medicus Kick X Golf's best-selling products:

Medicus Kick X Tour-Z Premium Golf Balls

  • Engineered for maximum distance and feel. Designed with a super soft cover providing excellent responsiveness allowing for greater control. An independent study conducted by Golf Laboratories Inc. found that Tour-Z Balls out distances any other ball on the market.

Medicus Kick X BenderStik Training Aid 

  • Provides instant feedback of your golf swing. Proven to improve accuracy, distance and flight. Portable, lightweight designed allowing for practice anywhere.

Medicus Kick X Coilmaster

  • The Coilmaster allows you to improve your accruacy, balance and body weight transfer. Learn the correct pivot of your body to promote power without losing accuracy.

The most popular training aid is the Medicus Dual Hinge Golf Club, which has a patented Dual Hinge System developed by Medicus engineers. This system is designed to "break" whenever your swing if off, alerting you so you know when and how to improve. If your swing is on path, then the dual hinge will remain intact. The Medicus Dual Hinge Golf Club is designed to improve your tempo, timing and control by providing constant feedback. The dual hinge design is less forgiving so that you are required to focus completely on the form of your swing. The Dual Hinge is adjustable so that you can make incremental changes to steadily improve and prevent plateaus. After practicing with the Medicus Dual Hinge Golf Club, you're sure to see an increase in power and accuracy on your shots. Dual Hinge clubs are perfect for golfers of all skill levels and is the only swing trainer you can hit live balls with.

The innovation Medicus Kick X Golf has brought to the market is like no other. Extensive third-party testing has been done on every product to ensure the performance is exceptional. Every Medicus Kick X product is approved by the USGA and are legal for use in professional tournaments.

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Medicus Kick X Golf Training Aids