Learn to Putt Perfectly with Perfect Putter

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  • Author: Akhil Patel
  • GLT Content Writer & Developer
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Perfect Putter


For many, putting is the most frustrating and difficult aspect of the game to perfect. Fortunately for you, Perfect Putter, which offers the highest-quality feedback from a golf putting training aid on the market, can help.

Former professional golfer Ramon Bescansa always struggled with putting and focused too much on his putting stroke. He realized soon after that he needed to vastly improve his green reading skills in order to improve his putting. Ramon’s father, Ramon Bescansa De La Gandara (an engineer) helped create the first Perfect Putter prototype.

This golf putting trainer is designed to help you effectively assess and improve your reads on the ball. The setup is simple and allows you to start improving immediately.

Essentially, you place the ball on the ramp at the appropriate distance and let the ball roll. You will be able to judge the distance and speed of the ball in order to determine whether your read was correct or not.




Perfect Putter

The Perfect Putter was designed to help golfers improve the efficiency of their practice sessions and create challenging drills to prepare you for when it matters.

Today, the Perfect Putter is one of the most effective golf putting trainers that numerous PGA Tour players take advantage of. Players like Harris English and Russell Knox incorporate the Perfect Putter into their practice routine and, in turn, credit their improved focus and confidence to this training aid.


The Perfect Putter is useful for players of all different skill levels and there are plenty of drills for many different situations.

Instead of spending countless hours of practice focusing on your putting stroke, focus on improving your aim and speed if you want to sink more putts.

This golf putting training aid is proven to enhance your green reading skills.