The Impact Ball. One of the best Golf Swing Trainers on the market!

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There are innumerable golf training aids on the market, many of which now embody a high degree of technological sophistication and come with price tags to match.

But sometimes the simplest looking devices can be the most powerful in their effects, and the Impact Ball training aid is certainly one of these.

What is the Impact Ball?

In appearance the Impact Ball is no more than a soft spherical ball with wedges cut out of either side in which to position the forearms. And using it is as simple as making practice swings or hitting shots while keeping the ball in place between the arms.

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The Concept

But this apparent simplicity conceals the powerful learning concept which underpins the Impact Ball.

It’s often been observed that the standard of play of the average golfer has barely improved at all over the past few decades despite extraordinary advances in equipment technology.

And much of the blame for this must lie with the emphasis which traditional golf teaching places on technical details and mechanics rather than the feel of a good swing.

It’s also very difficult to learn by trying consciously to observe verbal “keep the left arm straight” type instructions.

The Impact Ball addresses this problem by creating and maintaining the feel of the connection between hands and arms at address, and throughout the swing until impact and beyond.

All the golfer has to do is to swing, and the dropping of the ball will provide immediate and obvious feedback if the relationship is lost at any point.

The impact ball collection on grass

The Number One Key to Good Golf

No two good golfers have exactly the same swing, but all good golfers look almost identical at impact, with arms together and the hands and wrists slightly in front of the clubhead.

The main promise of the Impact Ball is that by swinging with it golfers will naturally achieve a better impact position and avoid common faults such as the flying right elbow, chicken wing left arm, and scooping with the hands behind the ball at impact (Not that these things stop you from playing good golf, they just usually cause more harm than good).

The Short Game

Many golfers dread the embarrassing chunked or bladed wedge shots which often result from trying to scoop pitches and chip shots around the green. For these players the Impact Ball may be particularly useful in their short game practice.


The ball can be used to train the correct hand and wrist position when putting, but it can also be used between the knees to help achieve the lower body stillness which is one of the keys to successful putting.

The Verdict

The Impact Ball is available in three different sizes, priced at $24.99 for the small version and $25.99 for the medium or large.

As one of the simplest and most attractively priced of all golf training aids, it’s one which is well worth adding to your practice kit.

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