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  • Author: Akhil Patel
  • GLT Content Writer & Developer
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EyeLine Golf Speed Trap

EyeLine Golf is a worldwide leader in golf training aid innovation and design. Specializing in putting, EyeLine Golf creates training aids with an emphasize on experiencing fun while practicing. EyeLine Golf realizes that training can be tedious and frustrating but putting the enjoyment back in practice is the best way to see results.

EyeLine Golf has a training aid for multiple aspects of the game. Check out some of the most popular EyeLine Golf Training Aids.

Speed Trap Swing Aid – Improve your swing by practicing with the brilliant, red, training rods. The goal of this training aid is to make swings that do not touch the rods to ensure you have “trapped” the ball. Improve your draws, fades, pitching, chipping and bunker shots with the Speed Trap Swing Aid.

Classic Putting Alignment Mirror – The key to a perfect putt is proper setup and alignment. The Putting Alignment Mirror will ensure your eyes, shoulders and putter face are correctly positioned so you can guarantee the perfect stroke.

Premium Short Game Targets – These innovative targets allow you to create a variety of games to play to ensure an enjoyable training session. They are perfect landing targets for chipping and pitching shots. The Premium Short Game Targets are also perfect for working on speed on the greens.

EyeLine Golf have created products that will lower your score when it matters the most. Just ask the over 570 TOUR Players that have practiced with EyeLine Golf training aids.

You can rest easy knowing EyeLine Golf have put their training aids under extensive testing and professional use to ensure practicing with their training aids translates into a competitive environment.

GLT strongly recommends the EyeLine Golf Putting Mirror to those struggling with their putts. To learn more about the EyeLine Golf Putting Mirror click here

EyeLine Golf Training Aids