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Akhil Patel
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Eyeline Golf Training

Eyeline Golf

There are numerous companies creating training aids. Many are gimmicky and aren’t proven to strengthen your game. Enter EyeLine Golf.

EyeLine Golf creates and develops a multitude of golf training aids ranging from putting aids to swing aids.  These training aids are used by over 570 TOUR Players and are guaranteed to improve your game.

The company was all started by CEO Sam Froggatte. Sam developed a passion for the game of golf as a teenager in Kansas, eventually attending the University of Colorado on an Evans Golf Scholarship. After college, Sam worked as sales rep at IBM for 12 years. Shortly after, Sam became an independent sales rep in the golf industry for the next 15 years. In 2002, he and his eldest son, Grant, designed and created the first EyeLine product, the Putting Alignment system.

Eyeline Golf putting

EyeLine Golf’s mission statement is “helping players experience the fun of improvement in pursuit of their personal best”. Training shouldn’t be tedious and exhausting, EyeLine Golf develops products that are fun to use and are fundamentally sound.

In an interview with G&E Magazine, Sam states that EyeLine Golf have set themselves apart by the three rules they have for new products.

  1. They have to be fundamentally sound, as mentioned earlier. No tricks or gimmicks.
  2. They have to be simple. You should be able to start training right away with little setup.
  3. They have to be “un-embarrassing” to use. You don’t have to worry about using a silly product.

Every EyeLine Golf product receives the feedback of Tour players and coaches before it is sold to the public. If a product works for those on the Tour, why wouldn’t it work for you?

Today, EyeLine Golf offers over 30 different golf training aids, ensuring you have nearly every tool to improve your overall game.


EyeLine Training Aids