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Dave Pelz is probably one of the game’s best known short-game and putting gurus, having worked over the last 20 or so years with numerous leading tour pros including Lee Janzen, Curtis Strange, Phil Mickelson and Patrick Reed.

Painstaking in his methods, Pelz was a physics major and NASA scientist before turning full-time to golf, and his best-selling “Putting Bible” is a near 400 page work devoted to detailed scientific analysis of the kind you might expect from someone of that background.

But in case that sounds discouraging, the good news is that the pure pendulum stroke which he recommends is not only probably the best but also the simplest to learn and use.

The Pelz Golf organization markets a number of putting training aids designed to help golfers develop this kind of repeating stroke, but its Putting Tutor product is probably the most comprehensive.

The Dave Pelz Putting Tutor

The main purpose of the Putting Tutor is to help golfers start the ball on a line to which they have committed, and to which they have properly aligned both themselves and their putter.

Training the Stroke

Using the Tutor is then a matter of stroking the ball along the selected line and through a gate formed by two marbles. There are three settings to which the width of the gate can be adjusted to make this task more difficult as skill levels improve.

Setting Up Correctly

Dave Pelz maintains, and most experts seem to agree, that it’s impossible to align your putterface consistently square to the aim line unless your eyes at address are always directly above that line.

The Putting Tutor therefore includes eye guidelines, immediately to the front and rear of the ball, which will immediately let you know whether your eyes are above, behind or in front of the aim line.

Other putting aids on the market use a mirror for the same purpose, but some players may find this distracting and the Putting Tutor solution is both simple and effective.

Reading Greens

Unlike most putting aids, the Pelz Tutor also claims to help with reading greens.

Pelz’s extensive research shows that the vast majority of golfers habitually underestimate the amount of break they should allow for, and only make as many putts as they do because they subconsciously adjust their aim or stroke to compensate.

This can only lead to inconsistencies which will make any lasting improvement extremely difficult.

But if you miss a putt with the Tutor, despite setting up properly and starting the ball on your chosen aim line, as confirmed by it passing cleanly through the gates, it can only mean that you have misjudged the break.

By looking again at the green, and adjusting your aim line, you will in time improve your green reading skills, and particularly your understanding of the close relationship between the speed at which you strike the ball and the amount of break you allow.

The Verdict

Typically retailing at $49.99 but on sale at GLT Golf Store for $29.99, the Putting Tutor is competitively priced and light and compact enough to be easily taken with you to the practice green.

But it can also of course be used as a home training aid for developing a sound and consistent stroke, and this versatility makes it a very useful way of improving performance in this vital area of the game.

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