The Basics of SuperSpeed Golf

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  • Author: Akhil Patel
  • GLT Content Writer & Developer
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SuperSpeed Golf

If you’ve ever had difficulty generating the necessary speed in your swings, look no further than SuperSpeed Golf.


What is SuperSpeed Golf?

SuperSpeed Golf is a Chicago-based company that has created a multitude of golf training aids focused on over-speed training. The Golf Swing Speed Trainer is a revolutionary product that is sure to build the speed in your swing to increase the power on your drives. This training aid utilizes a variety of weighted clubs to train the body to move at a faster speed than the brain deems physically possible.


SuperSpeed Golf


Michael Napoleon, the President and Co-Founder of SuperSpeed Golf, was inspired by the notion that players can achieve more enjoyment in the game through enhancement of their performance. Michael is a PGA Certified Professional that coaches primarily in the Chicago-area but also travels throughout the United States.

CEO and Co-Founder Kyle Shay has a background in fitness and rehab coaching with a focus on golf conditioning. Kyle currently runs the Catalyst Golf Performance Health and Fitness division while also running his own health coaching business.

With the vast amount of experience and knowledge these two men possess, they set out to create a golf swing trainer that was based on proven methods and scientific academia. In creating the Golf Swing Speed Trainer, they analyzed stability, balance, coordination and movement patterns, and utilized 3D biomechanics and energy transfer.

The golf training aid market is flooded with products that don’t help you perform the way they advertise, but the Golf Swing Trainer has been proven to maximize the speed and power of your swing by 5-8%. In as few as 4-6 weeks of regular practice with the Golf Swing Trainer, you should be see noticeable improvement in your golf swing speed.

Xander Schauffele, Kevin Na, Sam Saunders, and countless others on the PGA Tour have utilized SuperSpeed’s Golf Swing Speed Trainer to enhance their game. It’s time you did too.

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