10 Common Misconceptions About CBD

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CBD Oil Misconceptions

With all the buzz about CBD, it’s no surprise that the flood of information out there is not all accurate. You’ve probably heard that CBD comes from cannabis plants and can help with a wide range of issues, but you’ve probably also heard that there are legal issues with its use. So, what’s the truth? Here, we are debunking 10 common misconceptions about CBD.

1. CBD oil is just another form of marijuana

Since they are both extracted from plants in the Cannabis family, CBD and marijuana can be easily confused as the same type of substance. Although CBD can be found in marijuana plants, proper CBD oil is extracted from hemp plants that contain less than 0.3% THC, the compound in marijuana that gets you high. CBD oil extracted from marijuana is prohibited in many states.

2. CBD oil is not psychoactive at all

THC is the chemical compound in marijuana that gets you high, and CBD is the compound that doesn’t. However, even though it’s not intoxicating, CBD oil does have slight psychoactive effects on the user’s mental state. This is why it is effective in treating both depression and anxiety.

3. CBD oil should only be used by adults

Since many believe that CBD is just another form of marijuana, they also believe that it should only be used by adults. CBD has shown amazing results in the treatment of epilepsy in children, and there has been no evidence found to suggest that CBD is harmful to children either mentally or physically.

4. CBD oil is illegal

In the United States, CBD oil that has been derived from hemp has been declared completely legal by the Farm Bill signed into law in December of 2018. Purchasing CBD products both online and in-store is perfectly legal.

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5. CBD oil is addictive

CBD in any form is not addictive. CBD is actually great at helping to minimize addictive side effects of other pain management medications without being addictive itself.

6. CBD is good and THC is all bad

Because it is general knowledge that marijuana, which is still illegal in many states, contains THC, many believe that THC is a bad substance. Although more research needs to be done, its usage with cancer patients has shown positive, successful results.

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7. CBD oil works best when the level of THC is minimal

These two compounds are both naturally found in cannabis plants, so interference between the substances simply doesn’t make sense. Several studies found that, when allowed to work together, these two substances enhance one another’s effectiveness.

8. CBD becomes THC when it enters the human body

A 2007 study published in the American Journal of Medicine did find that it is possible for CBD to be converted into THC upon entering the body, but this could only occur in a controlled laboratory environment, as the circumstances for this to happen were way too specific. In other words, although it’s possible, it cannot happen when CBD is taken under normal circumstances.

9. CBD oil that is derived from hemp can be a powerful sedative

If taken properly, CBD oil will not act as a sedative. If taken in incredibly high doses, CBD oil can act as a sedative, but CBD oil that is prepared for the purpose of being a sedative goes through very specific preparations using other sedative substances.

10. CBD is CBD no matter where it comes from

Since the CBD market is fairly new, there aren’t any great regulations for the extraction and production processes. Because of this, there are low-quality and unsafe products out there. Doing your research before you buy is the best thing you can do to avoid purchasing subpar products as well as for finding the right products for your needs.

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