Golf Coaching Certifications

GLT Golf Director of Education
  • Author: Iain Highfield
  • GLT Golf Director of Education
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When searching for a golf coaching certification GLT would highly recommend that aspiring coaches do their homework. At GLT we are very passionate about evidence led coaching, therefore we would recommend that golf coaches look for certifications that are research based. 

A great example of this would be the Golf Coaching Praxis Certification led by Dr David Grecic. 

Click here for more information on Coaching Praxis

Dr. David Grecic is a seasoned educator specializing in golf education. He has 15 years of experience working in a range of education and sport settings. He is currently a principle lecturer and Chair of UCLAN SPORT at the University of Central Lancashire. His qualifications include multiple degrees and certifications listed below,

BA(Hons) Sport and Recreation Management (University of Birmingham)

Postgraduate Certificate of Education – Physical Education (Liverpool John Moores University)

Master of Business Administration (University of Central Lancashire)

PhD Elite Sports Coaching (University of Central Lancashire)

Dr. Gregic’s experience in senior sport management roles and sports consulting has enabled him to develop strong teaching methodology allowing for athletes to reach their full potential. The application of research and science in training is vital to Dr. Gregic’s teaching philosophy.

GLT and Dr. Gregic have worked together to create an in-depth course for those who want to achieve coaching excellence and help athletes enhance their performance.

Don't fancy the full course - Check out GLT's bitesized version - Golf Coaching Excellence course with Dr. David Gregic click here

David Gregic

GLT always recommend looking at golf coaching certifications that would add depth to your coaching, after all there is more to playing good golf than just a good golf swing. 

The growth mindset is vital for any golfer that wants to improve their game and increase performance. Golfers with a growth mindset focus on what is being learned and experienced through every round of golf or training session, not the result. These golfers are immersed in the process of playing the game and aren’t focused on the results. Golfers with a growth mindset enjoy being challenged on the course because ultimately challenges will help them develop.

The only way to improve is to welcome all challenges and even failure. The top performing golfers on the PGA Tour consistently work on decreasing their performance anxiety by taking the focus away on their scores.

Psychological Characteristics for developing excellence or PCDEs for short is a term for the characteristics that set elite golfers apart form the rest of the pack. An athlete’s physical characteristics and ability can only take them so far in the golf world. The athletes who perform at the highest level utilize psychological skills as a catalyst for their development and training. Evidence supports that those who incorporate psychological skills in their game are far more successful than those who do not.

Some examples of PCDEs you will learn about in our Golf Coaching Excellence course are as follows:

  • Effective and Controllable imagery
  • Focus & Distraction Control
  • Realistic Performance Evaluation & Attribution

Click to listen to Dr Grecic discuss golf performance with team GLT

Finally, the correct approach of the development of excellence is vital in a young golfer. It is important to set long term aims and methods for achieving them as well as emphasizing development and NOT early success. Achieving excellence is not a short process by any means and can only be achieved by gradual development and improvement.