Selecting the Right Golf Teaching Certifications

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  • Author: GLT Content Team
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GLT PGA Certification Courses


Golf teaching certifications are at the top of the list for many aspiring golf coaches wishing to gain further expertise. With so many golf teaching certification courses available, the options and opportunities are nearly limitless; unfortunately, due to their lack of in-depth information, practical “know how” or “how to,” many of the most readily accessible golf teaching certification courses are among the worst for golf coaches that are interested in gaining actual knowledge and learning new skills and concepts.

The lack of scientific depth in many of the most easily accessible golf teaching certification courses is just one of the faults with many of these programs. Many courses in golf teaching certification also suffer by failing to provide participants with adequate real life, step-by-step instruction, and fail to offer sufficient examples to attendees. By simply presenting general information without more in-depth, scientifically proven information, nor offering enough examples for applying the information in a practical manner, these courses in golf teaching certification are doing a great disservice to golf coaches that wish to receive applicable advice.


GLT Online PGA Certifications

At Game Like Training Golf, our name is our philosophy. With our GLT Golf Teaching Certifications, we search and process the latest scientific information in or to provide our attendees with the most up-to-date and accurate information as possible. We then simplify the science, presenting the information in practical, step-by-step ways designed to be immediately applicable.

GLT Golf’s Golf Teaching Certifications provide attendees with access to routines and skills to help make golf coaching as game-like as possible. We seek to change the way golfers play the game of golf by changing how golfers think about the game of golf, and our golf teaching certification courses provide attendees with the scientifically-backed skills and information to apply the same principles to their golf coaching routines.

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