How To Be A Better Golf Teacher in 10 Steps

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  • Author: GLT Content Team
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  At GLT Golf, one of the most common questions we receive from golf teachers is how can I be a better golf teacher? We’ve broken it down into the GLT Golf 10 Steps to Being a Better Golf Teacher.

Step One:

Niche yourself. As a golf teacher, it’s impossible to be an expert in every aspect of coaching. You will be doing yourself and your students a favor by choosing one specific aspect and making it a specialty.

Step Two:

Find other golf teachers that are experts or have a reputable following in your niche. Study how he or she coaches and learn as much as possible.

Step Three:

Develop a growth mindset. Remain open minded. This will allow you to absorb more information, tips, tricks, etc., and provide you with a knowledge-based advantage.

Step Four:

Coach as much as possible, even for free. Just as students must practice, practicing as a golf teacher will allow your knowledge, skills and information to develop into wisdom and experience.

Step Five:

Reflect on as many lessons as possible. Life is busy, we understand. In a perfect world, a golf teacher would be able to reflect on every aspect of every lesson; however, as golf teachers ourselves, we realize that when coaching to put food on the table, that just isn’t practical.

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Step Six:

Record lessons in their entirety. You are your own Jon Gruden or Peyton Manning, and your lessons are your game film. More importantly, you are your own worst (or best, depending on your perspective) critic. Spot your weaknesses as a golf teacher and improve upon them.

Step Seven:

Have others evaluate you and your abilities as a golf teacher. You may be your own critic, but other golf teachers may help spot things you’ve missed and will likely be more than willing to offer advice.

Step Eight:

As you grow and evolve as a golf teacher, you will likely begin to see things differently. Don’t be afraid to let your niche evolve along with you. You may even find yourself wanting to change your niche altogether. Do it.

Step Nine:

Firmly establish your expectations, values and beliefs. As with everything, these may evolve as you grow and learn, and can be adjusted to meet your needs. However, these should never be budged by a student’s demands. Your values and beliefs will help establish your network. Through the Law of Attraction, you will attract like-minded individuals, both as students and golf teaching peers.

Step Ten:

Learn as much as possible about the human mind and body. Regardless of your niche, remember that golf is fundamentally a motor skill. Therefore, an understanding of motor skills, how the human mind and body thinks and learns, is absolutely essential for those wishing to be a better golf teacher.

If you follow these ten steps, you will find your skills and ability as a golf coach will begin to evolve and develop, not only helping you to achieve your goal to be a better golf teacher, but more importantly, helping you better coach your students.

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