Golf Instruction for Golf Instructors

GLT Content Writer & Developer Joe Culverhouse
  • Author: Joseph Culverhouse
  • GLT Content Writer & Developer
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GLT Golf Instruction Class

There are many forms of golf instructor training. Among these, there are three areas that are the most beneficial to golf coaches and the golfers they coach. By joining the PGA and receiving certifications, completing online courses and spending time with mentors, golf coaches are putting themselves in position to receive the highest levels of golf instructor training, and in turn, provide the greatest amount of information to their golfers.

Sounds super formal and rigid, right? Okay, we’ll just say it… it sounds dull. We get it. That’s why at GLT Golf, we don’t just serve up the same tired rhetoric you’ve heard countless times before. We scour every resource available as often as we can in order to bring only the most relevant and up to date information to our golf instructor training courses. Not only do we provide our golf instructor training through PGA certification courses, we present the courses in an English accent, so you know our golf knowledge is sound.


GLT Online Golf Instruction
GLT offers instructional material in various ways, so you can learn regardless of your location.


At GLT Golf, we also offer online golf instructor training courses. We’re on the leading edge of effectively using the latest technologies to deliver revolutionary training. Technology can be scary, we know, but trust us… again, we’re English, unless you’re expecting taxation with representation, you can trust us. In all seriousness, in the modern world, virtually anything you desire is available at the click of a button, why should golf instructor training courses be an exception? We make our scientifically-proven training available to golf coaches online because we’re serious about wanting to change how players golf by changing how golfers think… even if it takes presenting that information to golf coaches through a screen as they sit on the sofa in their underwear. It’s 2018, who are we to judge?

If you’re looking for something a bit more hands-on, fear not. GLT Golf also provides the opportunity for golf instructor training by allowing golf coaches to come spend time with us in person, although we do ask coaches to wear more than just underwear for this option (it’s not our rule, it’s just that most golf clubs tend to be a bit more reserved when it comes to attire.) If an old-fashioned mentor-mentee relationship is more your speed, GLT Golf gladly welcomes you to receive your golf instructor training while spending time with us in Georgia. Depending on the circumstances, we may even come to you.

Regardless of how you choose to receive your golf instructor training, GLT Golf is proud to offer the opportunity to learn new skills and behaviors that will help you apply the science of learning in a practical way designed to help golf coaches develop the skills necessary within golfers to take their game from the range to the course.

GLT Golf Instruction