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  • Author: GLT Content Team
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With an abundance of golf teaching certification programs available, there is an increased importance placed upon selecting the proper ones. Unfortunately, the perceived value of a certificate program is in decline, but should this put us off attending golf teaching certification programs on our quest to be better coaches? Absolutely not; it should, however, make us think harder about the golf teaching certification programs we do attend.

At GLT Golf, we recommend finding golf teaching certification programs that have scientific depth and provide practical, step-by-step, real world examples of how this information can be applied to enhance golfing skill.

GLT Golf’s Top 5 golf teaching certification programs are listed below.


Praxis means practice as distinguished from theory. It is an exciting collaboration between the University of Central Lancashire (UK), Golf Biodynamics and BMR Golf Management to provide a high-quality learning experience for existing and aspiring golf coaches. The golf teaching certification program is designed to include three levels of information about golf coaching, the first of which is an introduction to key elements of coaching and will include a mixture of theory and practical information and provide coaches with the knowledge and understanding of the mechanics, the golfer’s body and the golfer’s mind.

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This golf teaching certification program revolutionized the way the industry viewed the role of fitness in the golf swing to create a game changing experience. TPI provides the largest collection of golf-specific health, fitness and swing advice on the internet. TPI is brought to you by the experts at the Titleist Performance Institute and delivers cutting edge information from experts on six continents and 63 countries


Vision 54 - Coaching Program 

Through this golf teaching certification program, you will learn both golf skills and human skills to complement your technical instruction. You will learn how to coach players to become more self-reliant and to be comfortable becoming their own best coach. You will have the opportunity to clearly address why you coach by addressing your own intentions, values and beliefs about your coaching.

Penn State’s The Biomechanics of Golf:

Eric Handley and Dr. Mike Duffey are industry leaders. This golf teaching certification program uses real instructional examples to help you better understand the 3D motions and forces of the golf swing. It is designed to help you apply concepts to your teaching regardless of whether you utilize a 3D system

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Skill Share:

While Skill Share isn’t technically a golf teaching certification program, it is an online education platform with thousands of free classes taught by the world's best practitioners, and offers personalized, on-demand learning in design, photography, business and much more. Skill Share is vital for coaches trying to run a successful business in the modern world.


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