GLT Golf Workshops - More than Just a PowerPoint

  • Author: GLT Content Team
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“The focus of this golf workshop is listed on this Power Point slide, and I’m just going to stand here and ramble on and on while adding nothing new or unique. And if you’re expecting me to make this stuff applicable or practical, you can just forget it. Nope, I’m just going to stand here and run my mouth. It’s a golf workshop, what do you expect?”

If they’re being honest, that’s basically what 99% of all golf workshops and seminars should say. “We’re not going to tell you anything new or unique, we’re just going to stand here and ramble until we’re completely sure your check has been deposited in our account. Make sure to try the coffee, it’s free* (*with the cost of the workshop/seminar.)”

At GLT Golf, no one can accuse us of doing things the same tired, boring way as everyone else in the industry. Our golf workshops & seminars do have Power Point presentations, but they’re really more to keep us on track than to be the core of what we bring to you. Our golf workshops & seminars utilize the latest scientific findings to deliver the level of knowledge you can always expect from Game Like Training, but whereas many of our competitors stop there, we take it a step further and make the information more than just works on a screen.

In our golf workshops and seminars, we make the words come to life. We’re not going to just tell you how to make practice more effective or how to develop a better pre or post-shot routine, we’re going to show you how to take the information and make it something you can actually use on the range and on the course.



Golf Seminar

With Game Like Training, there are some things you can always count on. We’re always going to bring you the latest information available, regardless of which of our golf workshops or seminars you attend. However, we’re not going to rush to present something just because it’s new. Anything we feel confident enough to have associated with our name, brand or reputation has to meet our standards. We aren’t going to waste our time or yours talking about anything that isn’t supported by actual science.

Lastly, you can always expect GLT’s golf workshops and seminars to not just present information, but to do so in the Queen’s English. Our food may be rubbish, but we know our golf in the UK, and now that we’re stateside, we sound way more legitimate with these accents. In all seriousness, our golf workshops and seminars are no different than anything else we do here at GLT. At the end of the day, our only concern is changing how golfers golf by changing how golfers think.


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