Golf Channel Misfires with Shotmakers

GLT Content Writer & Developer Joe Culverhouse
  • Author: Joseph Culverhouse
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Golf Channel Shotmakers


On April 9, Golf Channel debuted its newest competitive golf show, Shotmakers. Utilizing Topgolf, the popular golf entertainment experience, the show features 9 co-ed teams of two in head to head competitions designed to judge their precision, distance and control, while testing their mental toughness and strategic decision making.

At least, that’s the official story. At the end of the day, Shotmakers is just the latest in a long line of reality based entertainment.

The show features the cast you would expect from reality tv, a couple of former PGA and LPGA players, some mini-tour players, amateur champions, former collegiate golfers, a former world’s no. 1 Long Drive competitor, a trick shot artist, and Topgolf Tour champions and finalists. Of course, being reality tv, each is more attractive than the next, because you can’t be ugly and be a good golfer, just ask John Daly or Patrick Reed… wait.

Hosting the competition for Golf Channel are 3-time College National Player of the Year, Amanda Blumenherst, Shane Bacon, Chantel McCabe and Golf Channel social media correspondent Alexandra O’Laughlin.


Golf Channel's Shotmakers


The real star of the show is Topgolf.

Since being conceived around the turn of the millennium by twins Steve & Dave Joliffe in Watford, England, the golf entertainment community has expanded to include over 40 venues scattered mostly across the United States and United Kingdom, though locations are currently works in progress in Australia and Canada.

Through these locations, Topgolf provides over 13 million guests each year with access to a golf atmosphere that features microchipped, self-tracking golf balls, targets scattered across a dartboard-like outfield, climate controlled heating bays, food, beverages, music, and HDTVs airing multiple sports.

Topgolf also offers golf lessons, leagues, tournaments, concerts, and corporate & social events.

Topgolf’s rapid expansion is owed in part to Golf Entertainment International, a group created in 2006 in London to create a new and exciting customer experience and to bring the Topgolf (then called World Golf Systems, which leased the UK license for its technology to a company called Bayside) technology & experience to the United States. After the three initially US locations were constructed in Alexandria, VA, Dallas, Tx, and Chicago, IL, GEI acquired the UK license and rebranded the company as Topgolf.

Also in 2006, following the success of the US locations, Callaway Golf invested in the brand.

Taking place at the Las Vegas Topgolf location, Shotmakers airs each Monday and Tuesday at 9 PM EST throughout the month of April on Golf Channel.

However, the Topgolf location nearest you is open 7 days a week until at least 11, just in case you’d rather experience Topgolf for yourself rather than through the drudge of reality tv.

If you choose to watch Shotmakers while at a Topgolf facility, Team GLT strongly recommends taking advantage of the available alcohol… strongly… like John Daly in 1993 or Patrick Reed in college strongly.

Shotmakers contestants celebrate