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  • Author: Iain Highfield
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Another golf major is fast approaching and to celebrate GLT are giving away 10 copies of 'Expert Golfer' a day!!!!  Until the first tee shot is struck at the US PGA Championships. And guess what? If Tiger wins we will give away 100 more!!! 

How do you get hold of your FREE copy ?  

Just click this link to get your cupon code - Click here to get your FREE COPY

What next ? 

Use the code that has been sent to your email at checkout and you will be given 100% off a copy of EXPERT GOLFER saving you $24.99 and maybe a few strokes next time you play -Click here to visit the GLT golf book store

Anything else I sould know ?

YES! Use this code TWGOAT and get 5% off everything golf in our on line golf store - Click here to visit the store

Can I get more than 1 copy ?

We undertand that this book is so awesome you want to give copies to your golfing friends for Christmas, but unfortunatley only one per customer is free. 

More about the book

This golf book is second to none when it comes to educating both golfers and golf coaches on the various aspects of practice that enables the highest level of golf performance. There is a science when it comes to learning, and this golf book attempts to break it down into a pleasant read.

When it comes to learning about golf most writings are based solely on mechanics, whereas this golf book goes to the cause, not the effect of all golfers problems - practice. Practice is the number one reason golfers stifle their skill development, and the overall goal of this golf book is change that. Golfers focus far too much on bashing golf balls rather than hitting golf shots.  

Expert Golfer is one of few golf book to compile evidence based coaching strategies that have been used out in the field. Whether you are a golf professional giving golf lessons on the driving range, or you are an avid golfer looking to get better and shave a few strokes off your game, this golf book is what you need.

Motor learning, cognitive psychology, and neuroscience are domains that this golf book shares in a practical way. Some of the latest in elite performance research is broken down in a way that is much easier to read, whilst still upholding a scholarly vibe.

You’ll learn about:

  • Group and individual training
  • Varying the conditions for greater learning
  • Interleaving and blocking practice sessions
  • The effects of spacing and distributing during practice

And a lot more! These are just some of the items discussed in this golf book!

See how you could shoot better scores with this video