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Golf Biomechanics - Who is Dr. Robert Neal?

Dr. Robert Neal is the founder and head of Golf BioDynamics. He holds a PhD in Biomechanics from the University of Queensland and is a member of Proponent Group. Proponent Group is a community consisting of accomplished teaching professionals whose members are included on the GOLF Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers, over 150 PGA Teachers of the Year, and are owners of over 50 golf academies.

Dr. Neal’s thesis while completing his Master’s Qualifying degree was the first 3D kinematic and kinetic evaluation of the golf swing. Dr. Neal is a trusted name in biomechanics along with motor skill acquisition as he does applied research and has developed tools to take his knowledge further.

Dr. Neal is an expert in the measurement of golf swing mechanics and the application of theory to golf coaching. He utilizes advanced methods of analysis and biofeedback training to improve the effectiveness of his golf coaching skills.

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Dr Rob Neal, Martin Hall & Golf Channel

He also has experience as an amateur level golfer in Australia and his best finishes were runner-up in the Australian foursomes’ championship and the Australian sand greens championship.

Dr. Robert Neal has worked with numerous touring professionals, teaching professionals and golf club professionals to develop training programs for any type of player.

Dr Neal and GLT friend Dr Grecic have a golf education diplomia that is supported the University Of Central Lancsashire. For more infromation on this program click here 

For an extensive look at Dr. Neal’s company, Golf BioDynamics, click here.