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GLT Golf Podcast


A good golf podcast show is hard to find. However, if you are in the market for a golf podcast and want something you won’t be able to find anywhere else, the GLT Golf Radio Podcast has something for you. What is the GLT Golf Radio Podcast all about, you ask? Well, first and foremost, golf… obviously. More directly, the GLT Golf podcast is about the things we think are most important to golfers and golf coaches. Motor Learning, mental performance, scientific findings, research-based products, what junior golfers can do or be doing to become a tour level golfer, taking your game from the range to the course, effective practice, these are just a few of the topics you’ll hear covered on a GLT golf podcast show.

Each week’s GLT Golf Radio Podcast will feature at least two of the GLT coaches. Whether you hear Matthew Cooke, Iain Highfield or Arick Zeigel, you can feel comfortable knowing you’ll be receiving information that, even though is state of the art, has been thoroughly researched and tested. We take our name and reputation seriously, and we refuse to let our values become compromised by inferior products or information. GLT’s golf podcast show thoroughly vets our guests and the products we discuss before we ever consider bringing the topics to the airwaves.


GLT Golf Radio


While the Team GLT personalities you’ll hear on a GLT golf podcast show are each experts in their fields, team GLT knows how important outside voices are for providing credibility and quality assurance; therefore, the guys from GLT are joined each week by industry leading professionals. A few of our featured guests are innovate professor Tim Lee, Euro Tour player Chris Hanson, GravityFit VP Nick Randall, golf coach Stuart Morgan, and many other golf industry luminaries.

So, if you’re looking for a good golf podcast, be sure to give the GLT Golf Radio Podcast a listen. We may not have Tiger Woods sitting in with us this season (although, as you’ll hear in one GLT golf podcast show, a growth mindset is vital, so let us dream!) you’ll hear tons of scientific and research-based information that isn’t available on just any golf podcast. Give the GLT Golf Radio Podcast a listen today and begin your path to playing and coaching better golf right now. 

Season One of GLT Golf Radio Podcast available here. For Season Two of the GLT Golf podcast, click here.

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GLT Golf Show