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  • Author: Joseph Culverhouse
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For many golf coaches, there is a never-ending quest for the latest product to help the golfers being coached. Whether searching for aids to better acquire skill, develop better time management or aids that encourage more efficient practice, it’s rare for a golf training aid to offer benefits in more than one area. Luckily, every now and then, a product like Stuart Morgan’s Performance Planner comes along and makes the search worthwhile.

The Performance Planner is designed for golf coaches to use with student golfers to help better plan practices in a manner that encourages training while also paying attention to transfer and how to be more disciplined with time.

One of the greatest benefits of the Performance Planner is its ease of use. By creating a product that requires golfers to track results using a dry erase marker, results can easily be recorded, transferred to Edufii or another online tracking program for the golf coach to follow, then erased in order for the process to repeat and continue. Furthermore, the Performance Planner’s construction means it can easily be stored in a golf bag without fear of damage. 


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While the construction of the product is definitely user friendly for golfers, Stuart has paid particular attention to golf coaches with the Performance Planner. Along with the physical product, Stuart offers golf coach mentoring, so that golf coaches can better understand the different levels of training on a deeper level. Golf coaches will have access to the evidence and research-based resources Stuart has compiled to support the Performance Planner and the training it promotes, as well as the ability to phone Stuart when needed in order to get the most out of their golfers using the Performance Planner.

As proponents of effective practice and supporters of skill being developed more practically than simply hitting balls on the range, GLT Golf can’t endorse Stuart Morgan or his Performance Planner enough. As always, Team GLT is in favor of quality products that help golfers train differently by thinking differently.


To hear Stuart Morgan discuss his Performance Planner, as well as give his thoughts on becoming your own best golf coach, be sure to check out the GLT Golf Radio Podcast embedded below. An audio only version is also available here.



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