Remote Coaching Programs 

Why should you choose GLT Golf to help you develop or improve your mental game? What can the crew at GLT provide that other sports psychology experts can’t? Let’s start with the bullet points:

  • Practicality
  • Passion 
  • Results 

We love to help people take steps towards their goals and dreams. We do this in an engaging way that makes learning golf's mental game, fun, challenging and practical. 

At GLT, our coaching sessions are structured in such a way that they can be accessed from anywhere the internet is available. There’s no need for personal sit downs (though that can be arranged if needed or desired,) everything you need to develop the psychological skills of excellence exhibited by the best athletes in all sports can be developed over the phone and through the 'CoachNow' app with our mental performance and effective practice expert, Iain Highfield. 

Online Mental Game & Effective Practice Coaching 


GLT’s director,  Iain Highfield, has created an On Line Remote Coaching Program to help students with golf's mental game. The golf psychology training gets down to the root cause of performance impedance: bad practice habits & psychological breakdowns. In this program, players will receive psychological training and be taught new practice strategies that will help build transferable skills. These will optimize the potential to play the best golf possible during tournaments.

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More About the course 

Iain Highfield, Recognized as one of Golf Digests Top Young Coaches, has dedicated the last decade of his life to formulating a golf coaching program that covers golf's mental game, golf psychology and effective golf practice.  

This Online course has been implemented at 2 of the 3 biggest golf academies in the world, used by college golf teams, accredited by Professional Golf Associations and helped touring professionals make the move from mini tour players to competing on the European Tour. 

So, what will you learn if you sign up for one of Game Like Training's remote coaching packages. 

What will you learn 

· Golf Psychology - Students will develop Psychological Characteristics of Excellence such as effective goal setting, Perfromance Evaluation and dealing with adversity. 

· Golf Psychology - Effective Pre-shot routines: what they are, how we can train them and why they are so important. 

· Golf Practice - How to practice so that you can change your golf swing.

· Golf Practice - How to create ‘stressful training environments’ so they can apply golf's mental game in practice and develop golf psychology ready for tournamnet play

Over the last decade team GLT have come to understand that every golfer is different, the goals of this course are clear, BUT how we deliver the content will be taylored to the needs of the individual in order to give them the best chance of transfering what they learn on to the golf course and into their daily life. 

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Why Sports Psychology 

Performance equals Potential minus interference – interference generally comes from our brain and the adverse mental habits players have created. Removing these habits can reduce impedance and help players make more fluid and desired swing motions. 

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GLT passionately believe that the mind controls the body, the body controls the club and the club controls the ball. At the heart of all we do is our mind; this includes swinging a golf club effectively. A player that is motivated, has awareness of their thought process, can engage in the same physical and cognitive steps before they hit the ball and trains in an environment that demands performance outcomes will access more effective golf swing, more regularly under all conditions than a player that is missing one of more of these factors. 

How it works.

This online training program is designed for golfers who are commited to the process of long term improvemnet. If you are a golfer that is motivated to practice, wants to enjoy competing at a higher level, please click 'Book Now' or E mail for a FREE consultation with European Tour Mental Performance coach Iain Highfield. 

Packages range from 

$600 for 5 hours 

$1200 for 12 hours 

$400 per month for unlimited remote coaching 

$1800 for 2 days of in person coaching and 2 months of unlimited remote coaching. 

A few words from Iain 

Below are a few words about my coaching career to date, however, before I tell you what what I have done in coaching please let me explain WHY I coach. 

I am fascinated with human performance and have spent the entirety of my graduate years studying and working in this field. Perhaps what I have only recently realized is that this path began a long time before I finished my academic career. This fascination began on the day I failed.

I am, you may be surprised to learn, extraordinarily grateful for my personal failures. I have been shaped as a man and as a coach by my own experiences and it has sparked in me a true sense of motivation. It’s a compulsion that I never felt before. One that demands I embark on this journey to enable athletes to live a life without limits. I suppose if I were to examine it closely I would have to say, selfishly, that my coaching is where I’ve found my sense of fulfillment.

I now embark on a mission of using the education and experience I have been blessed to receive to help young athletes with big goals not make the same mistakes I did. I believe the development of psychological characteristics of excellence through creating self awareness, positive daily habits and the correct training environment will help athletes develop the motivation to manage the rocky road to success. Therefore I have dedicated a large portion of my life to creating and delivering a program that does this. 

In 2011, I co-founded Leap Golf UK, creating and implementing a psychological conditioning program, called OSVEA: 5 components of a golf shot, at the Nike Golf Academy in Leeds. During this period, I worked with junior golfers, Ladies European Tour players and European Tour professionals. I presented to the English Schools Golf Association on the importance of psychological conditioning for junior athletes. I also worked as part of the Nottingham University Golf Coaching Team.

By the end of 2013 I had fulfilled a lifelong ambition, moving to the United States in order to share my passion for helping junior athletes develop the psychological tools needed to be successful in golf and life.

My psychological conditioning program was implemented at the Bishops Gate Golf Academy (Florida) in 2014 and by 2015, it was incorporated into their sister program at the International Junior Golf Academy (South Carolina). The program is currently being delivered via the ‘Game Like Training’ virtual classroom to Penn State University as part of their Professional Golf Management Program.

Increased presenting opportunities in recent years have undoubtedly played in role in me being rec-ognized as one of Golf Digest’s Top young coaches of 2017 and 2019. These opportunities included PGA Tour Radio (2015, 2016), the PGA Show in Orlando (2017) and the Open Forum event hosted by Chris Como (2017). In 2016 I also committed to a mentorship program with renowned sports psychologist and neuroscientist Dr. Fran Pirozzolo. 

Currently I am a CoachNow / Golf Digest online coach, I work with elite level high school, college and professional players all over the globe via my remote coaching program or from my base , The Governors Towne Club just outside Atlanta.

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OSVEA Practical Ways To Learn Pre Shot Routines For Golf is a book for coaches, dedicated parents, and passionate players who want to know more about the powers and possibilities of a stronger mental game.