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At Game Like Training Golf we create many different training tools templates and coaching worksheets to help teachers design more effective practices and/or enhance their current practices. A belief we uphold is that golf skills are adapted and developed effectively through the use of performance games. Due to that belief, we are giving away as many documents as possible that contain information and tips on utilizing scientific practice strategies for FREE! Our golf resources contain everything from research papers, quick start guides, videos, PDF downloads, audio files & more. Golf coaching is what we do, but helping golffers and golf teachers by educating on the science of learning is who we are. 

If you believe you have a golf resource that needs to be shared please connect with us! We want your voice to be heard too.

Create, Develop and Own Your Putting

Feel versus real. Want versus need. Style versus skill.

It has become evident that the relevant components to actually making putts are not effectively portrayed to golfers. The Goal of this FREE PDF download is to change that. 

It is GLT's pleasure to share with you 3 thing you need to know so you can 'Create, Develop and Own Your Putting.' Written by Preston Combs, Southern California PGA Northern Chapter Teacher of the Year award. He has also been nominated for the 2019 SCPGA Teacher of the Year award.Preston joined the team at Don Parsons Golf Instruction in Santa Barbara, CA in January 2016 as the Lead Coach.

A 3 step coaching process to changing a golf swing

The following 3 step coaching process is derived from the work of PGA golf coach Robbie Failes and his numerous mentors. The guide will help those who study it - Strive to understand each unique individual, adapt and be sensitive to each student and to each moment, point toward truth, not preference, Understand and guide the learning process. Become an effective golf swing coach by downloading Robbies evidence based coaching guide now.

GLT Golf Certification Level 1 Video

The GLT certification helps golf coaches practically apply the science of human learning and human performance into their coaching.

Major problems that golfers currently face are:

An Inability to retain swing changes due to poor practices habits.

AnInability to transfer swing changes to the golf course due to poor practice habits.

An Inability to inoculate the stress response when performing in competition. This has a direct impact on their swing mechanics.

The GLT golf certification provides solutions to the above problems and helps golfers enjoy performing to a higher level. 

Golf Swing Tips That Work - Reactive Neuromuscular Training 

The traditional approach to changing a golf swing generally starts with an aesthetically driven goal. This results in the golfer developing a false since of competency in their motion that rarely transfers to the golf course. Don’t sweat, at GLT we’ve got you covered. Golf swing practice with the following drills allow the athlete to learn, feel, and apply changes to their swing.

GLT advisor and friend, Zach Parker, has developed a coaching philosophy where the coach spends time pulling the player out of a position to help them discover how to implement more effective movement patterns and self-correct. Essentially teaching them ‘how’ it feels to access a more desirable swing motion.

Golf Practice - Transfer Your Range Game to the Course 

This FREE Download is an extract from team GLT's up coming publication, 'Golf Practice - How to practice golf and take your range game to the golf course' has been made to do one thing, and one thing only - help golfers practice and improve.

If you are pondering the oldest (and, weirdly, most easily answerable) question in golf: ‘Why, why, why, why, why (etc.) can’t I take my range game to the golf course?’ Then this free download and possibly the book maybe what you need to swing it better where and when it matters the most

Golf Practice - Make Golf Swing Changes Stick Through Effective Practice

Do your golf swing changes never seem to stick? FEAR NOT! Our golf practice circuits can help you make lasting changes to your golf swing.

These videos not only help a golfer understand WHAT they need to change in their swing, they tell you HOW to practice it so that the swing change sticks

Golf Practice - On Course Transfer Challenges

When practicing golf ask yourself this, are you training to learn or training to perform? If you are getting ready to compete in a tournament or need to sharpen a specific area of your game, the environment of the golf course can be the best teacher.

Learn to access your best golf swing under the stress of these on course challenges.

Long Game Performance Golf Practice Workbook

The purpose of this performance pad is to provide, coaches and students, a tangible coaching tool that can help improve ones golf game or ones coaching skills. For coaches using this as a tool, it will  help you to test and quantify your current students progress.

For golfers using it to improve their game, you will find performance games targeting specific areas of a skill (distance control, height control, adaptable capabilities and creative instinctive ability).


GLT Golf Short Game Workbook

To reach expert levels of performance, it is well researched and documented that the world's leading athletes and performers in all sporting fields practice through the use of performance based tasks.

These tasks are an attempt to simulate specific areas of the intended game and be able to test progress.


Quick Start Guide To Game Like Training Golf

In this quick start guide, we dive a little deeper into what it means to train in a “Game Like” way. Game Like Training Golf is the purest form of deliberate practice. involves guidance from the learning sciences and is proven to enhance human performance.

It has become increasingly popular, especially in the last few years, due to an assortment of statements suggesting that practice on the golf course is more important than practicing on the range, or that practice on the range must be adjusted to more accurately represent the golf course.


Quick Start Guide To Constraints Led Learning

A constraint led approach to coaching is fundamentally about creating problems that challenge the learner to come up with appropriate solutions to those problems. In sport, especially in golf, there is often a recipe approach when it comes to coaching, "If I follow this template, the output should be this." Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t always work because, as individuals, we all see solutions to problems through different lenses.

Constraint based coaching is about letting the individual find a way to solve the given problem in their own way - with some added guidance and input, rather than being given the answer. 


Quick Start Guide To Parents Role In Sport & Golf

The goal of this quick start guide is to help parents understand how their motivations, actions and words can impact their child's engagement in organized sports. As well as education, this guide will allow parents to assess their current influence on their child’s engagement and provide advice on small refinements that can be made to encourage certain behaviors.

Small shifts in language and how you engage with a child can have a dramatic impact on their participation, training effort and overall enjoyment of their selected sport.


Quick Start Guide to The Mental Game of Golf

In this quick start guide, Team GLT will dive into golf psychology and provide practical training tasks to help you get the most out of your student’s game. We will begin with a brief look at 3 psychological characteristics of excellence (chunking, automation and intrinsic motivation,) then examine the reasons some golfers fail to develop these characteristics. Finally, we'll examine how these skills can be coached.


Quick Start Guide To Indoor Golf Practice

The Game Like Training Golf team has produced this guide on indoor training with the intentions of helping you understand the potential limitations of indoor practice, provide potential solutions and extend your current training methods.

Team GLT believes this guide could potentially help hundreds of golfers transfer more of their learning into competitive play for the upcoming season.


GLT Golf Pre Shot Routine Guide

Throughout this Guide to The PreShot Routine, Team GLT will cover the mental challenges that golfers face on the course. We will also break down solutions that are proven to combat these challenges.

The terms in this guide are broken down into two parts. Each point is initially explained in terms that should help a golfer relate to the mental challenge that playing golf provides. The same point is then explained in scientific terminology allowing a coach or player to delve deeper into the academic research, should you wish to do so.


GLT’s Guide To Golf Motor Learning

The science of motor learning uncovers several principles that will improve the effectiveness of practice. This science is essential in player development and can help anyone learn better, faster.

This guide is designed as a golf coaching template to educate you on key motor learning principles. This information will help you design better practice environments for yourself, design better practice environments for your students, and deliver your instruction more effectively. You will also benefit from learning what each principle means how to utilize it during practice.


5 Critical Pieces of Research all Golf Coaches Need to Become an Evidence Led Coach

The golf coaching world is changing, and for the better. Coaches around the globe are paying more attention to developing great athletes and players.

These 5 pieces of research are a solid foundation for golf coaches, and an introduction toward changing the way golf is taught.

Golf Drills for your Mental Game - Transition Training 

Help students develop their pre-shot routine in a game like way. Students actively discover which challenges help them swing the golf club with increased freedom and flow. Then the student can be challenged to take this focus onto the golf course in a form of a process goal for their pre-shot routine.


OSVEA students worksheets and score cards

For all OSVEA worksheets, scorecards and downloads to help you master your golf pre-shot routine click below