Golf Psychology - Coaching the Mental Game of Golf 

Mental Performance Coaching - Do You Want To Help Your Students Evolve Psychological Habits That Can Enhance Golfing Perfromance?   

Are you a golf coach, a golf instructor or just someone very interested in learning about the Mental Game of Golf and the practical application of Sports Psychology? If so this his online course is for you! 

This online course goes deeper than just exploring an individual’s pre-and post-shot routine, it looks at the whole person and provides tools that can help their motivation, self-awareness and resilience. This online course also tackles how players can develop a process focus, and practice more effectively. 

More About the course

Team GLT Strongly believe in providing education and practical training tools that can help students develop psychological characteristics of excellence. This course has been developed with that goal in mind. We are on a mission to help players evolve all the mental skills that will allow them to access their best golf swings more often, and when it counts the most. We want you to become part of this journey in the hope that we can complement the excellent coaching your students already receive.

There you have it, the official, grown-up, one-paragraph summation of what you’re getting yourself into with the GLT Online Mental Performance Course. In short, we’re going to be throwing information at you – a lot, like the digital equivalent of a ton – and we know doing so means we’re at risk of losing your attention. But don’t worry, we’ve taken strides to make this course as informative as possible while also creating an entertaining, engaging and exciting environment. Basically, there’s videos. The reading is kept to a minimum; if you simply read the introductions, then click play, you should be well on your way to learning while not being completely bored out of your mind. (Footnote from Team GLT: In full disclosure, this is still Iain we’re talking about. You’re likely to hear more than just a bit about CrossFit and Tiger Woods, but if you can stick it out and push onward to the finish, it’s definitely worth it!)

Iain Highfield (see, we told you,) Recognized as one of Golf Digests Top Young Coaches, has dedicated the last decade of his life to formulating a mental performance program that breaks down the sports psychology and sporting performance literature, making it practical and easy to understand for you, the coach, so you can build practical and understandable mental training into a student’s current program.

This Online course has been implemented at 2 of the 3 biggest junior golf academies in the world, used by college golf teams, accredited by Professional Golf Associations and helped touring professionals make the move from mini tour players to competing on the European Tour.

So, what will you learn in the GLT, ‘Coaching the Mental Game of Golf, online course? Glad you asked. I know we promised minimal reading, but for now, read below.

What will you learn

· Why it is vital that students develop psychological Characteristics for Developing Excellence

· Effective Goal Setting for personal evolution and golfing performance

· Metacognition – What is it and what role does it play in enhancing performance

· Effective Pre-shot routines: what they are, how we can train them and why they are so important

· The power of Think Aloud Protocol as an effective coaching tool

· What is constraints led learning and how can we use it to create ‘stressful training environments’

Why Sports Psychology

Performance equals Potential minus interference – interference generally comes from our brain and the adverse mental habits players have created. Removing these habits can reduce impedance and help players make more fluid and desired swing motions.

GLT passionately believe that the mind controls the body, the body controls the club and the club controls the ball. At the heart of all we do is our mind; this includes swinging a golf club effectively. A player that is motivated, has awareness of their thought process, can engage in the same physical and cognitive steps before they hit the ball and trains in an environment that demands performance outcomes will access more effective golf swing, more regularly under all conditions than a player that is missing one of more of these factors.

Online Course Outline

· Module 1 - Psychological Characteristics for Developing Excellence with Iain Highfield, support provided by Dr. David Gressic

This module will help you understand the psychology of an elite performer, why the evolution of this kind of thinking is vital for a player’s growth and how we -as coaches- can encourage these mental skills. During this module, Iain is joined by his friend and mentor, Dr. David Gressic, to add an extra dimension to the content.

· Module 2 - Goal Setting with Iain Highfield

This module covers different types of goal setting and how they can be effectively taught to drive different kinds of motivation.

· Module 3 - The Pre-Shot Routine with Iain Highfield

This Module address the psychological process known as metacognition, then discusses how an effective routine can help a player develop the ability to chunk, automate and develop a growth mindset. It also gets extremely practical by providing the training tools that a coach requires in order to follow the OSVEA framework.

· Module 4 – Train to Perform with Iain Highfield, Dr. K.A Ericsson and David Gressic

The godfather of human performance and author of Peak, Dr. KA Ericsson, joins Iain to discuss how think aloud protocols can accelerate learning and performance. Iain then highlights how coaches should use this tool with Dr Erickson’s guidance and rounds off the module by discussing constraints led learning and stress training with Dr. Gressic – providing you, the coach, some epic games and challenges to use with students to truly test and evolve their mental processes.

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All I have to say guys killed it! The course was well structured and Ian is high energy just like myself. There are not enough words to express how fortunate I am to have found you guys. With my pages of notes and these well informative videos I am excited to get my feet wet and apply what I have learned. I am a coach and motivational speaker who thinks and coaches outside the box and GLT just put a seal of approval of doing things different and not so cookie cutter. Thanks again Ian and Matthew and the team at GLT. I will be getting the OSVEA book as well and you will most definitely hear from me...Marceleus "Coach" Venable


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