Expert Golfer – Truths on how to become one by Matthew Cooke

This golf instruction book, Expert Golfer offers both theory and concrete techniques for effectively training golfers.

This combination of scholarly and practical information helps both a golf coach, and golfers grasp the hard-detailed methods, and encourages readers to be creative when setting up golf practice. In this book Matthew Cooke bridges the academic and down-to-earth styles, allowing for the presentation of complex ideas while keeping the tone accessible.

This golf instruction book is for Golf Coaches, Sports educators, coaches, and readers interested in improving their own golf skills. It is thought provoking, useful, and inspiring.



This golf book is second to none when it comes to educating both golfers and golf coaches on the various aspects of practice that enables the highest level of golf performance. There is a science when it comes to learning, and this golf book attempts to break it down into a pleasant read.

When it comes to learning about golf most writings are based solely on mechanics, whereas this golf book goes to the cause, not the effect of all golfers problems - practice. Practice is the number one reason golfers stifle their skill development, and the overall goal of this golf book is change that. Golfers focus far too much on bashing golf balls rather than hitting golf shots.

Expert Golfer is one of few golf book to compile evidence based coaching strategies that have been used out in the field. Whether you are a golf professional giving golf lessons on the driving range, or you are an avid golfer looking to get better and shave a few strokes off your game, this golf book is what you need.

Motor learning, cognitive psychology, and neuroscience are domains that this golf book shares in a practical way. Some of the latest in elite performance research is broken down in a way that is much easier to read, whilst still upholding a scholarly vibe.

You'll learn about:

  • Group and individual training
  • Varying the conditions for greater learning
  • Interleaving and blocking practice sessions
  • The effects of spacing and distributing during practice

And a lot more! These are just some of the items discussed in this golf book!

The best golfers in the world seem to leave their spectators in awe. Their high level of motor skill when executing fine movements in a game that breeds more frustration than inspiration makes it difficult to comprehend. The complexity of golf's main aim (getting the little white ball in the hole and bypassing the obstacles presented around it) caused mathematicians to conclude that without proper practice and form, this goal is unlikely.

How do they do it? What makes them so special? Why are they so good?

This book will guide you through scientific principles that reveal how the best became the best.

Although Expert Golfer has been written and designed as a book, it does possess characteristics of a golf manual, due to its nature of high level information. Learning scientists have spent their lives trying to understand what makes elite performers elite, and what makes the best better than the rest. It is now time to use what they have found, and apply it to our industries coaching. Call it a golf manual if you please, the content is what differentiates this book, from any other you have ever read.




When I purchased this book, I was not expecting it to be as detailed as it is. I was figuring it was going to be like a Dr. Bob Rotella book where it talks more about him than actually giving you things to work with. I am a aspiring coach, and I tend to take notes on anything I deem as useful to me to become a better coach for my students. I am only 2 chapters in and I currently have 3/4 of those chapters noted. He gives scientific evidence into why we should use simulation in teaching, practicing, and learning. I am utterly blown away by the information. I usually feel that some books are deemed to make you buy someone's service. I do not feel this way at all. He has a few coaching programs and I am definitely going to join one just so I can ask Matthew Questions all day. Thanks for the quality information!


This is a brilliant and hugely informative read. Matthew Cooke is a wonderful engaging writer who reminds us what an amazing thing our human brain is. He provides an excellent guide toward achieving mastery in training our golfers. It's a unique approach in the history of golf books. If as a coach you are serious about creating better golfers, you must get this book. Matthew describes practical ways to acquire skills and what and how to learn/train to improve those skills for long-sustainable performance. This book is blazingly intelligent and once you have read it you will catch yourself thinking" WOW, I would really like to meet this guy!

Costanza Trussoni

Great book explaining the old school massing of golf practice is ineffective. Anyone who thinks this common knowledge hasn’t been to a range in the last 10 years.

Nick Duffy

Easy to understand

Must read for junior golfers to "walk the walk "
Book is not just for golfers but useful for experiential learners and teachers

NS Kenova

A light read in most respects - which comes across as a rehashed essay for a university degree course. Key points are to avoid block/repetitive training, mix it up, play games & make it difficult - all of this enhances skill learning - try red and blue golf - more in depth and a more challenging read which according to the theory make it more memorable & more useful.

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Expert Golfer Book

This book is for Golf Coaches, Sports educators, coaches, and readers interested in improving their own golf skills. It is thought provoking, useful, and inspiring.

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