EXPERT Golfer – Truths on how to become one, by Matthew Cooke

This golf instruction book, Expert Golfer offers both theory and concrete techniques for effectively training golfers.

This combination of scholarly and practical information helps both a golf coach, and golfers grasp the hard-detailed methods, and encourages readers to be creative when setting up golf practice. In this book Matthew Cooke bridges the academic and down-to-earth styles, allowing for the presentation of complex ideas while keeping the tone accessible.

This golf instruction book is for Golf Coaches, Sports educators, coaches, and readers interested in improving their own golf skills. It is thought provoking, useful, and inspiring.



OSVEA – Practical ways to learn golf’s mental game

OSVEA Practical Ways to learn pre-shot routines for golf is a book for coaches, dedicated parents, and passionate players who want to know more about the powers and possibilities of a stronger mental game.

Through the practical drills, challenges and games in this book, players can develop their own personal interpretation of what the world’s top players do in the pre-and post-shot routine. They can also see just how much fun golf training can be.

What’s more, with OSVEA everything you think, feel and experience during these challenges is transferred into your game - helping you enjoy a higher level of competitive golf.