Tiger Woods Masters Press Conference 2019

Iain Highfield
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Listen and watch Tiger Woods press conference after winning the 2019 Masters Tournament here:


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Video Transcript

[00:00:00] Just unreal. To be honest it's a you know just the whole tournament has meant so much to me over the years. Coming here in ninety five for the first time in a play as an amateur. Winning in ninety seven and then come full circle. Twenty two years later we will do it again.


[00:00:26] And this the way it all transpired today there were so many different scenarios that could have transpired on that back nine.


[00:00:32] There are so many guys who had a chance to win literal it was absolutely packed and everyone was playing well so you could have had more drama than what we helped. We all had out there in 0 9 11 bowling this stuff is hard. It just yeah.


[00:00:58] Just to come back here and then to play as well as I did and did all the things all the little things well this week and to do it here.


[00:01:07] This has meant so much to me and my family.


[00:01:10] This tournament and to have everyone here it's something I'll never ever forget.


[00:01:19] This is clearly one of those monumental days in all of sport when people all around the world will say Where were you when Tiger won his fifth green jacket in and 2009 10 I know where it was.


[00:01:37] Yeah I had a little one foot up and so it it I.


[00:01:43] It hasn't sunk in at all. I mean this is why those same students take a little bit time and I'm just fresh off of just winning the tournament and I just can't wait to see how it all unfolded from the TV perspective. I know I had I was grinding hard trying to try and chase Francesco today and then all of a sudden the leaderboard flipped and there were a bunch of guys up there with a chance to win and I had some of the best shots on that back nine today. You know I just feel like I just flushed it Coming Home which was why it's a nice feeling Christians.


[00:02:20] Jim your congratulations when you walked off the green. Yes. And you saw your mom and your children. Did you flash back to your dad in the initial win.


[00:02:31] Yeah absolutely. My dad shouldn't have come in 97. I mean he had heart complications and wasn't supposed to fly but he flew in came in. Give me putting less on Wednesday night and the rest is history.


[00:02:45] Comeback is gonna be the word we're always gonna think about here so how would you describe that for yourself and also the doubts since some of us who saw you at Tory eleven years ago it's a long time now and the doubts that you could ever do this again.


[00:03:00] Well you know the I had no serious doubts after what transpired a couple of years ago. I could barely walk. I couldn't sit could lay down. I really can do much of anything.


[00:03:13] Luckily I had the procedure on my back which gave me a chance at having a you know normal life. But then I was sudden I realized I could actually swing a golf club again and I felt that if I if I could somehow piece this together that I still had the hands to do it. The body is not the same as it was a long time ago but I still have good hands. And so that certainly has helped and I piece it together and I see no so if you look at it in my first 14 wins in majors where I always had the lead and every one of them are tied for lead to have.


[00:04:01] The opportunity to come back like this it is probably the one of the biggest ones I've ever had for sure because of it Jerry Tiger I don't know if you know but you broke the streak.


[00:04:18] I had mentioned to you about winners. We're in the top 10 last 13 years. You were tied for 11th. After the first day so you broke the streak that you were the last one to do circulations to me.


[00:04:30] Yes. You mentioned about this shot you hit coming in after the tee shot on eleven. Was there anything that you relied on tee shot on twelve. Drive on 13 14 15 tee shot on sixteen tee shot on 17 and 18. Was there anything specific that you leaned on.


[00:04:52] Not no nothing specific because I felt like I was. That was probably the strongest part of my game all week was driving the golf ball.


[00:05:00] I've been working on trying to shape the golf ball both ways coming into this event and I was able to do that. And yeah the tee shot at Leavenworth was awful. I leaned on it trying to trying to hit him trying to slide a little bit and got stuck underneath. I had a shot and I just I just kept saying if I just sneak out of here with a PA we got a lot of golf left and we are two par fives gettable peanuts at 14 another 16 17 and you know anything can happen at 18. And so I just said just just keep plodding along and then make sure you know I see Brooks he make a mistake at 12:00. Francesco made a mistake at 12:00. Patrick was making a run up ahead. was making a run. I mean Zander was making a run. There's so many different scenarios that evolved and I was looking at the board coming off of 13. GREENE And this year six seven guys with a chance to win the tournament but I just kept telling myself I have well along with Francesco. We have the most holes to play. So whatever they do I'll just burn the same holes. Then it's a moot point. You know I know. Birdie 13 a birdie 15 with two good shots in there and almost hoop at 60. So that gave me the kush and I kept telling myself go on 17 and that tee shot said I've been in this position before I had a two shot Lee with DiMarco and a bogey bogey let's go ahead pipe this ball right down the middle. Set the live flat. Squeeze are out there. I did it smoked it. Made part of there and then 18 I said hey it's not over yet. On a lost term I lost all the double. So let's just keep the hammer down. BROOKS You could still make birdie up 18. I can make bogey when next game when our playoff gets this ball in play. I did and saw him tap out for par and that gave me the kush knowing that I could make bogey and I had a little bit of mud on my golf ball playing that shot and I said just make sure I overcome this thing don't undercut it over cut it to the right and I did I whiffed it head over to the right and I was able to put that ball and agree then to put Tiger you haven't had the lead here on a Sunday since you won in 2005 when you had it today.


[00:07:19] Was it like getting back on a bike you.


[00:07:21] It was like you had never you know gotten off or were. What was that like. What was your goal. It didn't feel unfamiliar because I was I had the lead at the Open Championship.


[00:07:33] So it's just two mayors two majors ago. So now there would be something different if I didn't have the lead from 0 5 to now. But it was just last year in July that I had to leave. And so I just kept saying I've been here and one that long ago just go ahead and just keep playing the game keep plodding along and keep doing all the little things correctly keep miss the ball in the correct spots you know be committed to it. We were the winds puffing up and down and be committed to the shot and the shot shape and I was.